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Confusion over Russia’s reserve mobilization spreads

Russia’s Putin administration, which continues to invade Ukraine, has announced that it has signed a partial mobilization order of the military on September 21, 2022, and is said to be planning to dispatch about 300,000 reserve soldiers to Ukraine. .

There are a series of activities in Russia protesting the mobilization of the reservists, causing confusion such as demonstrations being held in various places and people trying to leave the country to escape the mobilization lining up near the border. It seems that.

Toyota ends production operations in Russia

Are passenger cars also subject to requisition?

Caspian Blue/Super Black

Furthermore, local Russian media reported that not only the mobilization of ordinary citizens, but also vehicles owned by individuals and corporations may be requisitioned.

This is based on the Russian Federation law “Mobilization training and mobilization in the Russian Federation”, and the vehicles covered here include special vehicles that can be used by the military, as well as passenger vehicles. According to the report, Japanese manufacturers such as Nissan X-Trail, Mitsubishi Outlander, and Suzuki Grand Vitara are also included.

Japanese cars rampaging overseas

What is the condition of the target car?

Passenger vehicles on the “list” that may be subject to requisition are those suitable for off-road driving, with no more than eight seats, excluding the driver’s seat, or with a payload capacity of no more than 3.5 tons. I’m here. Finding a car that meets this requirement is not that difficult, and the “list” is said to be “endless”.

Of course, passenger cars made by foreign manufacturers other than Japan are also included in this “list,” but Japanese cars are very popular in Russia. .

It is said that the city of Vladivostok is filled with used cars imported from Japan, and there is a possibility that these imported Japanese used cars will also be requisitioned as military vehicles.

Japanese used cars procured, overflowing in the city because there is not enough space to put them

BYD Rapidly Expanding Globally

There is an image that “Japanese cars are” fragile “and have good fuel efficiency”

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