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Water stains occur on the body and glass of the car due to the rain. If you leave it without washing the car, it will become stubborn stains and will not come off easily.

Dirt is very noticeable, especially on black cars. We will introduce how to remove and prevent water stains on the body and glass of the car.

There are two types of car water stains: water-based and oil-based.

Water-based limescale can be easily removed


Water-based limescale occurs when rainwater containing dust and dirt flows onto the body and glass and dries. It is easier to remove than oil-based limescale.

Most of the limescale that can be removed in a car wash is water-based. A lot of limescale builds up, and even if it looks dirty at first glance, it can be cleaned with a car wash.

Oily limescale tends to adhere stubbornly

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If the marks remain even after washing the car, it is oil-based limescale. Oil-based limescale occurs when rainwater contains oils such as exhaust gas. It is water scale that is harder to remove than water-based.

Oily limescale also occurs when the wax or coating applied to the car is washed off by rain.

Whether the body of the car is white or black, the method of removing limescale is the same…

Even if the color of the body of the car is different, the method of removing limescale is the same.

Limescale is a stain that occurs on any car, but it looks different depending on the color of the body. If the car is black, the limescale will look white, and if the car is white, it will look dark.

Also, black is a color that easily shows dirt. Car wash scratches also appear quickly, so if you have a black car, you will need to wash it carefully and frequently to keep it clean.

Note that some car shampoos limit the body color

When washing a car, it is necessary to sprinkle plenty of water beforehand and remove pebbles etc. adhering to the surface.

And depending on the type of car shampoo, there are also types that limit the body color. There are a wide variety of shampoos, such as black-only car shampoo, white-only car shampoo, and car shampoo that can be used for any color car.

If you wash your car yourself, make sure you choose a car shampoo that matches the color of your car.

How to remove limescale on the body


Remove with car shampoo for limescale removal

If normal car shampoo doesn’t remove it, try Car Jumpoo for Limescale. Makes it easier to remove limescale than regular car shampoo. The washing method is the same as the usual car wash. Just change the shampoo and you’re good to go.

It’s okay to wash areas that don’t have limescale with a descaling car shampoo. However, most of the limescale that has been left for a long time cannot be removed with shampoo. In that case, try the method introduced in the next section.

Converting your car shampoo specifically for limescale is the cheapest and easiest option. If you are concerned about limescale, we recommend that you try this method first.

remove with compound

Stubborn limescale that cannot be removed even with a special car shampoo can be removed with a compound. Since the compound is an abrasive, the extreme method is to scrape off the limescale along with the body paint.

For the compound to be used, use the “ultrafine particles” that have the weakest abrasive power.

Will the compound strip the paint?

Since the compound polishes the body surface, some people may wonder if the color will come off if the paint is scraped off. However, it is safe to assume that it is almost impossible to remove the paint by hand work.

Because even if you polish it by hand, it doesn’t have that much polishing power. If you sand the same spot for hours, the paint will eventually wear off, but if you’re only sanding to remove limescale, it won’t be as abrasive.

Also, if the car is coated, the surface of the coating will fall off a little, but it will almost never reach the paint. Therefore, if you have limescale that cannot be removed with shampoo, one option is to consider using a compound.

Degreasing agents are also effective for limescale on bumpers

As an aside, most car bodies are made of metal, but bumpers are made of resin. Degreasing agents are also effective for limescale on resin parts.

However, it cannot be used on metal bodies such as doors and bonnets, so keep this in mind as a reference.

If it is glass coated, it may be better not to do compound

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If you are applying a glass coating to your car, we do not recommend using compounds.

For example, in the case of a car that is only six months old, if you polish it with a compound, the freshly applied coating will be scraped off. As a result, the service life of the coating may be shortened.

In addition, you probably don’t need to worry about polishing damage by hand, but if you use a polisher, the polishing power is strong, so the damage to the coating will be greater.

Therefore, when using a compound to remove limescale, we recommend using it on a car where the coating is peeling off or almost no coating remains.

If the car has just been coated, consider a method that does not damage the body surface as much as possible, such as car shampoo.

Car shampoo popularity recommendation ranking for limescale removal

5th place: Wilson wash water red shampoo

It is a car shampoo for limescale removal sold by Wilson. In addition to white cars, there are three types available: “For Dark & ​​Metallic Cars” and “Pearl White & Light Metallic Cars”. Please note that the body colors that can be used are limited.

4th place: Water scale iron powder shampoo for Carmate cars

Car shampoo sold by Carmate. In addition to limescale, iron powder can also be removed. A special ingredient called ammonium thioglycolate causes a chemical reaction with the iron powder and removes it.

One of the attractions is that it turns purple during the reaction and you can see the effect. It is compatible with all colors, so you can use it with confidence in any car.

3rd place: Pro Staff Water Stain Remover Water Repellent WAX Shampoo

This is a water-repellent water-scaling car shampoo sold by professional staff. At the same time as the effect of removing limescale, it also performs water repellent processing. It has a large capacity of 2 liters, so once you buy it, you can use it for a long time, so it is recommended.

2nd place: CCI car water stain removal shampoo

It is a spray type car shampoo sold by CCI. Unlike other car shampoos, it is designed to blow out bubbles when sprayed. You can easily wash your car without having to prepare a bucket to foam car shampoo.

1st place: Shuluster Car Wash Shampoo Water Scale Remover

This is a limescale remover car shampoo sold by Surestar. Light limescale can be easily removed. It is also effective when removing wax or simple coatings to reset.

It also contains a compound, so after washing with a sponge, rinse thoroughly so that no shampoo remains on the body.

How to remove limescale from glass


Remove with limescale item for glass

Use glass cleaner on the glass to remove any dirt, including limescale. Glass cleaner is a car wash item for glass.

If you want to remove limescale from the body as well, as I mentioned earlier, car shampoo will also remove dirt from the glass surface.

However, in most cases, water stains on glass cannot be easily removed. Also, if you don’t wipe it off immediately after washing the car, water marks will remain and it won’t come off easily.

Therefore, we recommend wiping off the glass in the order of the body after washing the car.

Use an oil film remover to remove

Use an oil film remover to remove stubborn limescale. Stubborn water stains on the glass surface are called “oil film” and cannot be removed by ordinary car washing. Therefore, items for removing oil film such as oil film remover are sold.

Oil film removal is a task that requires perseverance. The liquid is applied and the glass is scrubbed, but it is necessary to move the sponge back and forth many times until it does not come off with just one rub.

Even if it looks clean at first glance, there may be an oil film left after wiping it off, so be sure to rub it thoroughly until it is clean.

Be careful as the water-repellent coating will peel off

If you remove the oil film, the water-repellent coating will come off. If it is left as it is, when it rains, the rainwater will not bead up and will flow slowly. (The state in which water flows on the glass surface without forming water droplets is called hydrophilic.)

If you want to apply a water-repellent finish, we recommend that you apply it after removing the oil film and blowing it up cleanly.

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