One of the slogans for car lovers, “Mion”, can also be used as a child’s name? Honda edition[Push car]| MOBY [モビー]

About 20 to 30 years ago, when a new era in naming children arrived, the world was so slammed that it was nicknamed “Kirakira Name”. Even so, I grew up as a normal human being.

In that case, the country and the government office will be swayed by the kirakira name that has gained citizenship, and rather, it may be possible to compete with each other to find out how unique and meaningful the kirakira name is.

This time, I chose 3 car names from among Honda cars that children can name.

Vamos (Vamos Honda released in 1970/Second generation Vamos released in 1999, Namikinso, etc.)

By all means for children who want to aim for a Latin mood maker!

Honda Vamos Honda

In Spanish, it is a very positive word, and in soccer, it is not related to the lonely element, but rather lonely, such as the shout of “Let’s go!” It should be a good name for a child in Japan as well.

The Vamos as a car is a bit unfavorable, and the first generation Vamos Honda, along with the Life Step Van, is “a car that would have been popular if it had been sold during the early RV boom, but it appeared too early.” It was a full hood open-top light commercial vehicle with a humorous look.

The name was later revived with the passenger registration specification of the new standard minicar version Activan, and it was unique, such as the lineup of an underfloor midship 4WD turbo car similar to the Honda Z (2nd generation), but sales were not as good as its rivals. It is a pity that the model was not changed until the 2018 abolition.

I hope Honda will eventually revive the energetic “Vamos!” with ultra-compact mobility.

Life (First release in 1971, Raifu, Life, etc.)

Will you grow up to be such a child who will involve the surroundings and change your life?

Honda Life (4th generation, 3rd generation light tall wagon)

The first water-cooled engine light passenger car, which persuaded Soichiro Honda, the charismatic founder and representative of the stubborn old man, to save Honda, which was about to sink, along with the air-cooled engine, and the light tall wagon boom. After the second generation that played a connecting role until the hit.

If you think that each life had a great impact on the “life” of the automobile manufacturer Honda, it can be said that it was the best car name that could not be named any more.

Even if it’s a person’s name, the name “life” can be a boy, and the feeling of the word seems to be good for a girl, but now it’s a man or a woman. Choose! It may be a good time to say (I think it will definitely be 20 years later).

In addition, there are strong-looking boss characters such as Raifu, and names that look like sumo wrestlers.

Beat (released in 1991, Biito, Bion, etc.)

Can Japan’s most beloved car be used as a child’s name?

honda beat

The Honda Beat, one of the most beloved cars in Japan, has even been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for the number of cars that have participated in a parade run by a single model.

It was a mid-ship sports car made during the bubble era, with a monocoque body for light open sports cars. increase.

For that reason, the used car market has a large number of cars, and the prices range from high-end cars in the best condition to affordable prices.

It seems that many fans have already named their beloved sons and daughters Beat because it is a car that is so loved.

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