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A special feature that introduces “car lovers” who enjoy car life and love cars. MOBY asked car lovers all over the country about their favorite cars, hobbies, date spots they want to go by car, and more! Please check it out♪

Today’s CarLOVER!! Aya (29 years old)

Q.Please tell us about your favorite car.

  1. Porsche 981 Cayman S
  2. Lexus RX450h
  3. ferrari portofino

The Portofino has just been delivered!

Q. What was the decisive factor in choosing that car?

  1. Because I thought I could feel the fun of driving in the NA midship.
  2. It is practical and comfortable, has good fuel consumption for its class, and I felt that it can be used for golf and outdoor activities.
  3. Overwhelming looks and practical for a supercar!

Q. When did you get your driver’s license? Since when have you been driving?

I have been driving since high school.

Q. Do you have a favorite car manufacturer?

Porsche, Ferrari, Aston, and more.

Q. Please tell us about your favorite car history.

We switched from Audi A4AVANT to the current Cayman, increased to RX and Portofino, and now have 3 units!smile

Q.Do you have a dream car that you want to drive someday?

I would like to ride the Porsche 992GT3RS when it comes out.

Q.When do you usually drive?

I mainly use it for holidays, shopping, traveling, golf, etc.

Q. Please tell us about your usual hobbies and hobbies using cars.

My hobby is traveling. I like relaxing at a hotel in Tokyo or going to a hot spring. I want to go on an overseas trip after Corona.

Q.Is there any maintenance or care that you usually do?

I try to wash my car as much as possible!

Q. Please tell me the date spot you want to go by car.

If it’s winter, I’d like to see the illuminations of Marunouchi or Roppongi. After that, I want to go to Karuizawa!

Q. What kind of topics do you want to talk about on a drive date?

It’s nice to have a casual conversation. I like casual conversations.

Q.Which song do you want to listen to while driving?

back street boys

Q. What is the gesture of the opposite sex that makes you unintentionally excited while driving?

My heart throbs in the profile while driving.

Q.What kind of car do you want your favorite person to drive?

I want to go golfing with Ferrari GTC4LUSSO!

CarLOVER’s Profile

  • Name: Aya
  • Age: 29
  • Occupation: IT general manager
  • Hometown: Tokyo
  • Favorite car: Porsche 981 Cayman S, Lexus RX450h, Ferrari Portofino
  • Favorite driving spot: Metropolitan Expressway

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