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The “light camper” is a product that can be used for both daily use and a comfortable overnight trip.

The light camper, which has a compact body and can be easily ridden in the city or in the field, is perfect for “car camping”.

You can go out whenever you feel like it, and even beginners, women, and solo campers can easily enjoy camping.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce useful items for those who are new to camping with so-called light campers to make camping in the car more comfortable.

What is car camping?

What I call “car overnight camping” is a camp where you stay overnight in the car.

Usually, when you say “camping”, you usually stay in a tent, but in “car camping”,Sleeping in a car instead of a tentwill be

In other words, “car camping” puts up a tarp, deploys chairs and tables outside the car, and enjoys cooking and eating outdoors.Regular “camping” styleIn addition, the sleeping place is the bed in the carPlus “Sleeping in the car only when sleeping”Is it easy to understand when you say that it is a stylish style?

“Car overnight camping”, which offers many benefits just by sleeping in the car, can be done at campsites where cars are allowed to the site, or at specific RV parks (site: camp division).

By the way, it is not allowed to set up chairs, tables, etc. outside the car for “staying in the car” at permitted roadside stations or service areas, so in this article, it is not included in “camping in the car”.

Advantages of overnight camping

Saves time and effort in setting up and taking down tents

Many people may say, “I like camping, but honestly setting up and taking down a tent is troublesome.”

It is said that it is easy once you get used to it, but it takes 20 to 30 minutes each to set up and take down, and depending on the tent, it may take more than an hour.

In that respect, if you camp in a car,No need to set up or take downSo you can use that time to enjoy more camping.

Camping in the car is recommended for those who want to enjoy camping casually and for solo campers.

Ensuring safety and security while sleeping

You can avoid weather effects, animal threats, pest damage, and more.

If the door is properly closed and locked, the inside of the car is covered with iron plates, so in terms of protecting yourself from outside enemies,A sense of security that cannot be compared with a tentthere is.

A fully flat bed where you can stretch out and sleep

To get a good night’s sleep,sleeping area is flatThat is very important.

If you just want to sleep in the car, you may think that it is possible to sleep in a minivan or SUV, but sleeping in a fully flat “bed” where you can stretch your arms and legs and lie down is better than sleeping in a minivan or SUV. Overnight comfort makes a big difference.

Standard items that make your own style of “car camping” more enjoyable and comfortable

The purpose of the author’s camp is to “eat outside” and “relax”.

“Car camping” is based on the assumption that you will sleep in the car without staying in a tent, but basically you should enjoy camping freely, whether you stay in the car or in a tent.

Of course, there is an annotation that follows the rules set by the facility, within the limits of manners and common sense, but I think there is a part like “finding your own way of enjoying yourself wins”.

Below, I will introduce standard items and goods for car camping that I would like to recommend based on my own experience.

Car side tarp – Create a space that protects from rain, wind and sunlight

When you arrive at the campsite, first decide where you want to park your car.

It is very important to park the car level, as lying down in a tilted car is very uncomfortable.

However, there are cases where it is difficult to level the campsite using the natural topography, so try to minimize the tilt in the left and right direction, and consider the sleeping direction in the front and back direction.Adjusted so that it does not become “head down”I think you should.

Once you have decided where and in what direction to stop the car,tarpLet’s put By putting up a tarp,Securing “space under the roof” to avoid wind and rain and direct sunlight during campingI can do it.

The photo above is the tarp I am using. It measures 300 x 400mm and can be used in various ways depending on how it is pasted. This makes it easier to set up poles in two places on the opposite side.

Also, by fixing one side to the car body, it is possible to prevent rain from entering between the roof of the car and the tarp. is.

Of course, you can enjoy camping in the car without putting up a tarp, but especially in mountainous areas, the weather can change easily, and it’s not uncommon for it to rain. There is also a case, so if possible, we recommend making a roof with a tarp or car side tent.

Bonfire table ~ open fire ban is common

The best part of camping is the bonfire. Whether it’s warming up, cooking, or BBQing, “starting a fire” is a must, but just looking at the bonfire… that kind of camping is also good.

Various types of bonfire stands are on sale from various companies, so we recommend that you first purchase a bonfire stand according to the number of people.

A recent campsite (on the ground)Open fires are generally prohibitedis.

An open fire kills bacteria in the soil and makes the soil unrenewable, and carbonized firewood and charcoal do not return to the soil, so be sure to use a bonfire stand or BBQ stove when making a fire. should be used.

Also, do not leave charred firewood or charcoal unattended, and must either throw it away in the designated charcoal storage area or take it home with you.

When using firewood or charcoal, always prepare a charcoal pot to extinguish the fire.

even if it’s not exclusiveCans with lids can be used instead.I can do it. Close the lid to deoxygenate and extinguish the fire.

Charcoal is easy to ignite, so you can reuse it next time.

There are many misunderstandingsFirewood and charcoal that have been burned in a bonfire will not return to nature, so never throw them away.please

The recommended charcoal is Oga charcoal.

Currently, the main style is to grill meat on an iron plate over an open fire, but I am definitely a charcoal griller.

The charcoal fire uses far-infrared rays to cook the meat deliciously, so my favorite thing about camping is the charcoal-grilled chunks of meat that you can’t get at home.

There are various types of charcoal, but bonfires and general charcoal have the drawback of making holes in tarps and down jackets due to “explosion”. * “Explosive Jump” … Symptom that fire sparks fly when wood or charcoal burns

Therefore, as a result of investigating “explosion”,“Oga charcoal” with almost no explosionAfter knowing the existence of , I have been using “Oga charcoal” habitually.

“Oga charcoal”, which is made by pressing sawdust, looks artificial and does not look very good, but it is better than holes in tarps and down jackets.Inexpensive and lasts a long timeSo I like it and use it.

Mestin – Standard rice cooking goods for outdoor use

Mestin is now the most popular rice cooker.

Add the water-absorbed rice and water, use a “solid fuel” or an alcohol burner, and leave it until the fire goes out, and you can cook delicious rice.Automatic rice cooking and free-range cooking are possible.As such, it is highly popular due to its ease of use.

In addition, since it has a cute retro look, it has become a must-have item for cooking rice outdoors, with many postings on Instagram of “Mestin Bento”, which is a bento box made from Mestin.

The photo shows rice cooking with a Trangia Mestin & alcohol burner and a mini BBQ stove, which can be said to be the author’s “three sacred treasures” when cooking rice. The fire is extinguished and the rice is cooked.

After that, if you set the steaming time, you can eat delicious rice.

Trangia’s products are sold out or sold at a higher price than the regular price due to their popularity on Amazon, etc., but you can purchase them at the regular price (plus shipping) through Iwatani’s online shopping site.

Sleeping mat + sleeping bag + α ~ Preparing for a warm sleep is the most important factor for comfortable camping

When camping, it is important to sleep warmly on a flat surface where you can stretch out your limbs so that you can rest comfortably.

When it comes to camping in a car, people tend to think that it is less affected by the outside temperature than camping in a tent, but it is actually the opposite in the case of a car that is not insulated.

The tent has a double structure consisting of an inner tent and a flysheet, creating a layer of air.Cold air and hot air from the outside of the vehicle are transmitted directly through the iron plate of the body, so it is easily affected by the outside temperature.It is.

Also, since the cold air is transmitted from under the bed,Sufficient measures requiredis.

The picture above is my standard spring and autumn bedding configuration.

The basic configuration is 2 types of sleeping mats + 3-season sleeping bag + microfleece blanket.

Even with this configuration, there are cases where it is not possible to keep warm at campsites in mountainous areas, so as a last resort, we have electric blankets powered by portable batteries.

If you want to sleep warmly, you may want to add more things to put on top, but in the case of a light camper sleeping in the car,How to shut out the cold air from under the bedis important, and the sleeping mat is an unassuming but very important item.

Sleeping mats block cold air from under the bed and add softness to the bed.

  • closed cell mat … Inexpensive foam cushion mat. Durable. Resistant to water. Bulky when stored.
  • inflatable mat … Open the valve to automatically inhale. The combination of urethane and air provides cushioning even though it is thin. It can be stored small.
  • air mattress … The number of users has increased recently. Excellent heat insulation effect. It cannot be used if there is a hole in it. Difficulty in durability. Fluffy sleeping comfort.

I don’t like the fluffy feeling of air mats, so I use both 1 and 2, but I’m satisfied with the cold air blocking and cushioning.

LED Lanterns – safe and secure to use in the car

Gas or oil-burning lanterns have a very nice atmosphere with their flickering flames.LED lanternis recommended.

There are various types of LED lanterns, such as dry battery type, rechargeable type, solar chargeable type, smartphone charging function, brightness adjustable type, and color changeable type. , is infinitely different.

There are such a wide variety of LED lanterns, but the author

  • Brightness adjustable
  • Maximum brightness (when brightest) 1000 lumens (equivalent to a 75W light bulb)
  • Colors can be changed between daylight and light bulb colors
  • Rechargeable (more better if solar charging is possible)

I chose this LED lantern.

When camping outside the car, it will brighten up with daylight color, and when sleeping inside the car, it will be a subdued incandescent color that will reduce the brightness.

At the time of light bulb color (300 LM), it will light for more than 20 hours, so you can leave it on at bedtime.

Self-style car overnight camp Summary

This time, we have introduced items that are good if you are camping in a car.

When it comes to camping equipment, there are still many other items that I would like to introduce, such as chairs/tables, tableware, cooking utensils, cutlery, refrigerators or cooler boxes.

Everyone has their own way of camping and how to enjoy it, so as long as you follow the rules and manners, I don’t think there is a right answer, good or bad.How to enjoy yourselfI would like you to find

It’s nice to have a cool camp that looks good on SNS, but don’t worry about how it looks. If you go, it should be a fun camp for yourself.

Source: Ogawa Tent

If one tarp is troublesome, you can create a space with a roof on the car side by simply fixing it to the roof of the car body and passing two frameworks with a tarp like the one in the photo above. The same type of tarp is on sale from various companies.

Everyone, please look for items that match your camping style!

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