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Toyota’s subscription “KINTO” enables car updates

KINTO logo
KINTO logo

“KINTO”, a car leasing business developed by Toyota, is a subscription-type service that allows you to use Toyota cars for a fixed monthly fee.

The monthly fee includes not only the cost of leasing the car, but also the cost of vehicle inspection and maintenance, car insurance premiums, and various taxes. I can.

In January 2022, KINTO will also launch a service called “KINTO FACTORY” that allows users to add software and hardware functions and equipment to their cars.

KINTO makes it possible to add equipment that was unnecessary or not prepared at the beginning as needed.

“Upgrade” for improved specs

New Prius also appeared in KINTO, early 2023

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported that the fifth-generation Prius, which is expected to undergo a full model change, will be added to the KINTO soon.

According to reports, the new Prius will be released in January 2023 next year, and the monthly fee at KINTO is expected to be 10,000 to 20,000 yen, and the vehicle price is expected to be slightly less than 3 million yen.

In addition, the KINTO-exclusive car set for the new Prius is also subject to KINTO FACTORY, and it is said that advanced safety equipment can be retrofitted.

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