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Our car-loving family has driven a variety of American cars.

I own a Toracan now, but the base is the American car brand “Dodge”.

When driving an American car-based Torakan, “Isn’t it difficult to drive an American car?” “Aren’t American cars fragile?” , is often asked.

So, this time, I would like to introduce some points to be aware of when driving an American car or a Toracan based on an American car.

Characteristics of American cars and our experience

The first thing that comes to mind when looking at American cars is their size.Larger and stronger body than Japanese carshas become

It seems that this has a lot to do with the road conditions and life in the United States.

First of all, America is a very large country, so it is popular to drive long distances. And the road itself is so wide that it cannot be compared with Japan.

Also, unlike Japanese roads, not all of them are cleanly paved, so most of the cars have bodies that can withstand long mileage and bumpy roads.

In addition, Americans are on average taller and wider than Japanese.

It seems that one of the reasons American cars are made so big is that Americans with large bodies can drive comfortably.

My husband is 186cm tall for a Japanese person, so a large-bodied American car is just right.

And the next thing that is often said is that “fuel efficiency is bad” compared to Japanese cars.

This is also one of the characteristics of America, but because it uses a lot of engines to run long distances, it has a large displacement.

So of courseFuel economy is not as good as Japanese carsIt may be a feature of American cars.

Finally, there is an image that “American cars are easy to break”, but it is true that American cars are more prone to defects than Japanese cars with good performance.

There are a lot of parts for when trouble occurs even in old American cars, and it is now possible to order them relatively easily on the Internet.

However, I have ridden several American cars so far, but I have never had any major breakdowns or major repairs.

By the way, the biggest repair of our American car was the repair of the air compressor, which was about 80,000 yen including labor and parts.

My husband doesn’t know much about cars, but he’s always been a car lover, and I’ve learned a lot from him because there are several people I know who are familiar with cars.

It’s an American car that is more fragile than Japanese cars, so I’ve grown fond of it while doing maintenance on a daily basis.

Points to note when driving an American car

Left steering wheel (overtaking, turning right, etc.)

The big difference between American cars and Japanese cars is that they are left-hand drive.

If you have never driven a left-hand drive, it is normal to think that it is difficult to drive.

However, just like when you get your license, the more you drive, the more you get used to it, and the left-hand drive becomes easier to drive. Then you should be able to see the advantages of left-hand drive.

First of all, this is my opinion, but the advantage of left-hand drive is, of course, that you can see the left side clearly.

I think the biggest advantage is that you can see narrow roads, parking, and cliffs on mountain roads.

It doesn’t matter if the steering wheel is right-handed or left-handed. Do not change lanes.

I don’t think this will be difficult once you get used to your car.

And the American car-based Toracan has a large body and the width of the camper shell is a little wider than the cargo bed, so you need to be careful when checking the angle of the mirror.

However, once you get used to it, you can drive without thinking too much.

American car accelerator and brake

Our truck is 5m55cm long, American size, with a tall camper shell on it.

Therefore, when starting, stopping, turning right or left, it takes a little more effort to step on the accelerator and brake than when driving a normal car.

When starting and stopping, do not step on it all at once, but step on it slowly and gradually.This makes it easier to balance the vehicle.

Relaxed driving without sharp steering when turning right or leftKeep in mind.

It may seem obvious, but if you’re not used to it, you’ll end up driving dangerously if you’re not conscious of it.

My family lived in a heavy snowfall area for a long time, so I always kept in mind the basics of driving on snowy roads. I think it looks a lot like a dot.

For example, when driving on snowy roads, be especially careful when starting, braking, or steering sharply as there is a danger of slipping.

The driving method is common to driving a large vehicle or a tall vehicle such as a camper.

In addition, this precaution for driving on snowy roads is really efficient in terms of fuel consumption of the car.

You can also improve fuel efficiency by depressing the accelerator slowly and avoiding unnecessary braking as much as possible.

Control the speed only by the strength of the accelerator and maintain a constant speedByNo need to hit the brakes unnecessarilyIt is.

If you try to drive on mountain roads with many curves and long downhills with only the strength of the accelerator as much as possible, it will be easier to balance the vehicle and improve fuel efficiency.

mirror confirmation

As I wrote earlier, it is difficult to see the right side until you get used to the left steering wheel, so our Torakan adds accessories to the side mirrors.

This accessory makes it possible to check a wide range, so it is useful.

If there is a passenger in the passenger’s seat, the person in the passenger’s seat also checks.

It’s not particularly difficult once you’ve done this many times and got used to riding.

I really like this large side mirror because it is easy to see and I can drive safely, and the American design is cool.

Once you get used to it and get the hang of it, driving an American car isn’t difficult!

Any first car is difficult to drive until you get used to it.

However, both American and large vehicles can be driven without difficulty once you have mastered the number of times and got the hang of it.

Now that I am used to driving a Toracan, I am able to drive on narrow roads in Japan without any problems.

Although,Choose a wide road that is easy to drive as much as possible, and check in advance for a spacious parking lotDon’t forget that it’s a matter of course when driving a big car!

Our family enjoys a special time on holidays when we drive a cool American-looking car, a spacious driver’s seat, and a leisurely drive.

I also have a big dream that one day I would like to run across the American continent to my heart’s content.

Writer: Peko

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