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What tire size fits the Vellfire?

Toyota Vellfire

As a brother car of Alphard, it is Vellfire introduced from the second generation 20 series. Although it shares basic components with the Alphard, it has a more powerful design than the Alphard, which seeks elegance. The power unit is also the same as the Alphard, with 2.5L and 3.5L gasoline engines and a 2.5L hybrid available.

This article introduces studless tires with sizes that fit the following tires of the following models.

  • 20 series 215/65 R16・215/60 R17・235/50 R18
  • 30 series 215/65 R16・225/60 R17・235/50 R18

*Please check the size when purchasing, as products in the corresponding size may not be displayed on Amazon.

How to choose studless tires for minivans

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The highly practical minivan has practical size tires. With the exception of the Mitsubishi Delica D:5, which is a crossover model with an SUV, domestic minivans have the same tire size as regular passenger cars, so there are plenty of choices for studless tires. We will explain how to choose studless tires unique to minivans and points to note.

Points to consider when choosing studless tires for minivans

Heavy minivans prioritize ice braking performance

In addition to the weight of the vehicle, the weight of the occupants of the minivan also increases the braking distance. Also, because the rear is heavy, it tends to spin when starting. When choosing studless tires for a minivan, give top priority to starting performance and braking performance on ice.

In particular, those who have many opportunities to carry passengers want to choose high-performance studless tires, even if cost performance is poor. In addition, since tires wear out significantly due to their heavy weight, if you are in an area where you often drive on dry roads, you should choose studless tires that have excellent wear resistance.

Minivan tires prevent swaying

Tall minivans tend to wobble. This is particularly noticeable with studless tires, which are extremely soft. If you are concerned about the wobble peculiar to minivans, choose minivan tires.

The minivan tires have soft rubber on the inside to ensure grip performance when going straight, and a slightly harder rubber on the outside to suppress wobble and improve steering stability. However, since the latest tires are also expected to be installed on minivans, you can use any studless tire with an asymmetrical pattern with confidence.

Points to note when choosing studless tires for minivans

Commercial vans have special tires

It is necessary to select exclusive studless tires for commercial vans registered with 1 or 4 numbers. Even if you do not carry any cargo, you must install high-load-bearing commercial vehicle tires called ply tires.

Commercial studless tires have a long model cycle, and their performance on ice tends to be inferior to that of passenger car tires. For light cargo, passenger car tires can be used as long as the tires have the load capacity required for the car.

6 popular studless tires for Toyota Vellfire

ICE NAVI 7 (Goodyear)

In addition to the coupling agent “Aqua Filler” that binds silica and polymer together, the use of ultra-small silica rubber “Extra Contact Compound”, which is even more flexible than before, provides high adhesion even on fine irregularities on the ice. will demonstrate. As a result, the braking performance and cornering performance on snow have been improved, and the performance that is strongly required by users in snowy areas has been improved.

Winter TRANPATH TX (Toyo Tires)

Developed for minivans and other tall vehicles, this model combines stable driving and advanced ice performance. The “super soft compound” that is effective for starting and braking on ice is placed on the inside of the tread, the “soft compound” that is effective for cornering is placed on the outside, and the “soft keep compound” that supports the control of aging is placed underneath. Adopted triple tread structure.

The performance is enhanced with the “super high turn-up structure” that increases the lateral rigidity of the body, and the “3D double wave grip sipe” that suppresses the collapse of the sipe and creates a high edge effect.

AW-1 (Nankang)

It is a high-performance tire that exhibits stable braking power on compacted snow roads, and has the ability to climb the slope at once even when restarting on an uphill road. Tire spinning on frozen roads is also minimized, and a sense of stability during braking is ensured. In addition, quietness has been improved and life has been extended, providing excellent cost performance.


It is a model for Japan that was specially developed based on the needs of the Japanese market based on the technology forged on the winter roads of Europe. Equipped with “3D butterfly sipes” that improve controllability on ice and “asymmetry and red pattern” that creates steering accuracy, it creates controllability that allows you to drive safely on ice.

WINTER MAXX 02 (Dunlop)

By adopting “super-adhesive nanofit rubber” that contains “liquid farnesene rubber”, which is soft and flexible even when cold, it exhibits stable performance on ice and achieves a long life that performance lasts for a long time. In addition, the use of high-density rubber with few impurities prevents the tread from wearing out, ensuring long-lasting safety and peace of mind.

X-ICE SNOW (Michelin)

It is a model that uses the “EverWinterGrip compound”, which combines a highly rigid polymer-based material into the compound and creates minute unevenness due to the difference in wear from the base compound. Since the unevenness of the rubber surface is continuously reproduced, the performance lasts for a long time, and the edge effect and the effect of breaking the water film and grounding to increase the ice grip are produced.

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