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What tire size fits the Sienta?

Toyota Sienta

A compact minivan with a size suitable for the road conditions in Japan. The current model, which appeared in 2015, is highly popular due to its combination of stylish design and high practicality. Although the body size is compact, it is a 7-seater with 3 rows of seats, and it is perfect for modern families, such as adopting a sliding door at the rear.

This article introduces studless tires with sizes that fit the following tires of the following models.

  • 80 series 175/70 R14
  • 170 series 185/60 R15

*Please check the size when purchasing, as products in the corresponding size may not be displayed on Amazon.

How to choose studless tires for minivans

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The highly practical minivan has practical size tires. With the exception of the Mitsubishi Delica D:5, which is a crossover model with an SUV, domestic minivans have the same tire size as regular passenger cars, so there are plenty of choices for studless tires. We will explain how to choose studless tires unique to minivans and points to note.

Points to consider when choosing studless tires for minivans

Heavy minivans prioritize ice braking performance

In addition to the weight of the vehicle, the weight of the occupants of the minivan also increases the braking distance. Also, because the rear is heavy, it tends to spin when starting. When choosing studless tires for a minivan, give top priority to starting performance and braking performance on ice.

In particular, those who have many opportunities to carry passengers want to choose high-performance studless tires, even if cost performance is poor. In addition, since tires wear out significantly due to their heavy weight, if you are in an area where you often drive on dry roads, you should choose studless tires that have excellent wear resistance.

Minivan tires prevent swaying

Tall minivans tend to wobble. This is particularly noticeable with studless tires, which are extremely soft. If you are concerned about the wobble peculiar to minivans, choose minivan tires.

The minivan tires have soft rubber on the inside to ensure grip performance when going straight, and a slightly harder rubber on the outside to suppress wobble and improve steering stability. However, since the latest tires are also expected to be installed on minivans, you can use any studless tire with an asymmetrical pattern with confidence.

Points to note when choosing studless tires for minivans

Commercial vans have special tires

It is necessary to select exclusive studless tires for commercial vans registered with 1 or 4 numbers. Even if you do not carry any cargo, you must install high-load-bearing commercial vehicle tires called ply tires.

Commercial studless tires have a long model cycle, and their performance on ice tends to be inferior to that of passenger car tires. For light cargo, passenger car tires can be used as long as the tires have the load capacity required for the car.

6 popular studless tires for Toyota Sienta


This model uses a newly developed durable soft compound to improve traction and braking performance on ice. The adoption of this new compound improves the sustainability of performance, and by combining it with well-established design technology such as 3D butterfly sipes, soft core blocks, snow traps, etc., the overall performance is enhanced.


Braking performance and cornering performance on icy roads are improved by adopting “adsorption 3D sipe” that uniformly grounds the entire block by providing a cavity inside the sipe.

In addition, it incorporates technologies such as “combination block” that improves braking performance and turning performance, and “first edge processing” that has excellent edge effect and makes it feel effective even when new, demonstrating high-dimensional and well-balanced performance. To do.

BLIZZAK VRX2 (Bridgestone)

Adopting “Active foam rubber 2” that actively removes the water film that causes the tire to slip, it is finished as a tire that bends and stops firmly on ice. The improved “asymmetrical pattern” and fine unevenness on the tread surface improve grip, and the “asymmetrical side shape” that reduces wobble produces high straight-line stability and responsiveness.

AW-1 (Nankang)

It is a model with the highest performance in the history of Nankang, demonstrating grip performance that can stop firmly on icy roads and compacted snow roads and minimize idling when starting. Quietness has also been significantly improved, making it possible to drive comfortably.

WINTER MAXX 02 (Dunlop)

It is a well-balanced model that demonstrates high driving performance on various road surfaces such as ice, snow, wet, and dry, and secures a high level of economic efficiency including life performance. “Super Adhesion Nanofit Rubber”, which contains “Liquid Farnesene Rubber” that maintains softness even when cold, adheres firmly to frozen road surfaces and keeps its performance for a long time.

iceGUARD 6 (Yokohama Tire)

By adopting an asymmetrical pattern with the latest technology, the amount of edge on the inside side is improved by 8% compared to conventional products, and “Quattro Pyramid Dimple Sipe” realizes high drainage and edge effect.

In addition, technologies such as “Double Micro Grooves” that demonstrate performance on ice from the beginning of installation and “Premium Water Absorption Rubber” that removes water film and firmly adheres to the road surface are also introduced.

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