If you can’t decide which SUV to choose…How about the “Ano” Japanese car with the highest rating in the latest consumer report? |MOBY [モビー]

What is Consumer Reports?

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“Consumer Report” is the name of a monthly consumer magazine published since 1936 by the Consumers Union, an American non-profit organization.

Consumer Reports ranks products based on independent tests, evaluations by experts, and surveys of owners. of Americans shop based on the ratings in this magazine.

Especially when it comes to automobiles, in addition to driving performance, ride comfort, safety and reliability, in addition to data such as resale value, it is strictly evaluated, and it has a strong influence that greatly influences automobile sales in the United States.

Consumer Reports Car of the Year 2022

Consumer Reports has selected the 10 best cars of the year by price range and genre under the title “Best Cars of the Year: 10 Top Picks of 2022”.

Japanese cars account for 8 of them, and 3 Japanese cars are picked up in the SUV category. If you get lost in choosing an SUV, you can definitely buy one of these three.

If you choose over $ 45,000, the persistently popular “Lexus RX450h”

The Lexus RX450h was chosen in the category of luxury SUVs over 6.5 million yen.

The first Lexus RX appeared in 1998 and was a pioneer in pioneering the luxury SUV market in North America. The current Lexus RX is highly rated despite the end of the model due to the balance of comfort performance, driving performance, and safety performance, and the high reliability of Toyota Lexus.

Despite its excellent design and performance, the hybrid model RX450h also has excellent fuel efficiency, keeping rival new models at bay.

A solid Toyota RAV4 PHV between $35,000 and $45,000

Toyota RAV4 Prime (Japanese name: RAV4 PHV) was selected in the 2-row seat SUV category in the price range of 5 million to 6.5 million yen.

The RAV4 PHV has a system output of 302PS, which is much higher than SUVs of the same class, and has high fuel efficiency.

In addition, the higher vehicle price than the RAV4 hybrid model can be offset by tax subsidies and high fuel efficiency, which seems to be the reason for its popularity with consumers.

“Subaru Forester” is the highest rated SUV under $ 25,000

Subaru Forester, the report’s top-ranked car that has been selected for the 9th time in a row, was selected in the small SUV category under about 3.5 million yen.

It has excellent fuel efficiency while adopting front-wheel drive as standard, and the Forester, which is closer to the box shape than its rivals, is highly evaluated for its wide cabin and luggage space, making it easy to use. The Forester, which boasts the best crash safety performance at a low price, can be said to be the SUV with the highest customer satisfaction in the United States.

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