“Crown for young people!” Fails every time … Toyota’s resolve to pretend that it looks like a new model | MOBY [モビー]

The new crown makes a big change!Bold body color

Toyota will release four models as the new crown on July 15, 2022. Of these, we announced the Crown Crossover, which will appear as the first one.

As the slogan of “New Crown, Beginning”, it debuted as a crossover model instead of the sedan that had become the standard for Crown so far.

As for the coloring, the newly set body color “Bi-tone color” has a bold color scheme, with black paint applied not only to the roof but also to the bonnet and trunk area separately from the body color.

It was originally planned to be released at the same time as the announcement, but…

Coloring like a tuning car

Nissan GT-R NISMO Special Edition (2021)

When replacing the bonnet with a carbon one for tuning and customization of sports cars, etc., it is not painted as a dress-up purpose other than to save the trouble of painting, and it becomes a “two-tone color” of the body color and the carbon pattern. there is.

Some models of Nissan’s high-performance model “GT-R NISMO” also adopt unpainted carbon bonnets. It is a familiar dress-up for sports cars.

This kind of dress-up is popular among young people who like sports cars, and cheap parts that make it look like they are wearing expensive carbon parts are also popular as custom parts.

But not many people see the new Crown Crossover as a “sports car.” Then why is the coloring like a sports car dress up adopted?

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