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What tire size fits the Aqua?

The first generation is a model that appeared in 2011 as a compact hybrid car, and is a best-selling model that has been on sale for 10 years until 2021. The current model adopts Toyota’s new design concept “TNGA”, and the power unit is also renewed. Fuel economy is 33.6-35.8km/L, about 20% better than the first model.

This article introduces studless tires with sizes that fit the following tires of the following models.

  • NHP type 185/60 R15
  • NXPK type 175/70 R14・185/65 R15

*Please check the size when purchasing, as products in the corresponding size may not be displayed on Amazon.

8 Popular Studless Tires for Aqua

AW-1 (Nankang)

It suppresses idling of the tires when starting on frozen roads, and also enhances stability during braking. In addition, it is a high-performance tire that allows you to perform slope starts and full braking on compacted snow roads with peace of mind. By adopting a compound that emphasizes wear resistance, life performance is also improved, and tests have proven that there is little deterioration in performance even after long-term use.

BLIZZAK VRX3 (Bridgestone)

“Flexible foam rubber”, which has improved water absorption compared to a circular cross section due to capillary action, enhances grip on ice by improving the micro contact area. Combined with technology such as a new tread pattern that suppresses water flow and “microtexture” that effectively removes water film, the tire has an excellent total balance.


By providing a cavity inside the sipe, the entire block is designed to be evenly grounded, and by suppressing the confinement of the sipe, water absorption is maximized to create a high edge effect. adopted. Braking performance and cornering performance on frozen road surfaces are improved, and high-dimensional and well-balanced performance on ice and snow is demonstrated.


Adopted “Durable Soft Compound” which was developed based on the well-established “Dura Flexy Compound” and enhanced the durability of the flexible tread compound. By combining design technology such as 3D butterfly sipes, soft core blocks, and snow traps, this model enhances the total balance and gives you a sense of security when driving on winter roads.

WINTER MAXX 02 (Dunlop)

It is a total balance model that improves driving performance on various road surfaces such as ice, snow, wet, and dry in a well-balanced manner. The new material “Liquid Farnesene rubber” specially designed for this tire keeps the tread in close contact with the road surface, improving braking performance and cornering performance on ice.

iceGUARD 6 (Yokohama Tire)

Adopting an evolved asymmetrical pattern that works well on ice, it improves performance on various winter roads, from icy roads to wet roads. The inner side of the tread improves performance on ice, while the outer side of the tread improves snow performance. Combined with the “Quattro Pyramid Sipe” that increases rigidity, it creates a high edge effect. In addition, the “premium water-absorbing rubber” quickly removes the water film that causes the tire to slip and keeps the tread in close contact with the road surface.


The compound that maintains softness even at low temperatures, and the 3D grooves that provide both traction in straight lines and stability in curves grip the snowy road surface, greatly improving braking effectiveness and control performance. The saw-shaped fine grooves grip the ground firmly, and the tire grooves designed in a radially expanding saw-shape sharply cut through the water to increase the tire’s contact patch.

X-ICE SNOW (Michelin)

By mixing a highly synthetic polymer-based material into the compound, we adopted an Ever Winter Grip compound that continues to create unevenness on the surface of the tire due to the difference in wear from the base compound.The edge effect created by unevenness and the effect of breaking the water film to increase grip are the key to stable driving performance on winter roads.

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