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What tire size fits the X-Trail?

It is a middle-sized SUV that is popular in North America and Europe, and the 33 series, which is the fourth generation, is currently on sale. In the 33 series, the power train is only the second generation “e-POWER”, and the 4WD model adopts the electric drive four-wheel control technology “e-4ORCE”.

In addition, Nissan’s advanced technology is packed, such as the driving support system “ProPILOT” evolving to a navigation link function linked to the navigation system.

This article introduces studless tires with sizes that fit the following tires of the following models.

  • 31 series 215/65 R16・225/55 R18
  • 32 series 225/65 R18
  • 33 series 255/45 R20・235/55 R19・235/60 R18

*Please check the size when purchasing, as products in the corresponding size may not be displayed on Amazon.

How to choose studless tires for SUV

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One of the advantages of an SUV is its ability to run on rough roads. However, the heavy body is hard to slip, but it is difficult to stop when it starts to slide, and although the high minimum ground clearance makes it easy to drive even with some snow, it is easy to get stuck if you get on top of it.

Although it is an SUV that is strong against snow, tire selection is important. We will introduce how to choose studless tires unique to SUVs and points to note.

Points when choosing studless tires for SUV

Select by performance

Heavy and large SUVs are difficult to stop, so choose tires with excellent braking performance. In addition, as a general rule, studless tires tend to have lower performance on wet and dry roads when their performance on ice and snow is improved, so it is important to choose tires that match your area.

In areas where there is a lot of snow and ice, you can drive with more peace of mind if you prioritize braking performance on ice and snow. In areas where it rarely snows, choosing tires with excellent wet and dry performance will allow you to move comfortably even with studless tires and reduce wear.

Choosing SUV tires

If the tire size matches, choose studless tires specifically for SUVs. SUV-specific tires are optimized for SUV use with a special tread pattern that works well when braking, deep grooves that improve drainage and snow removal, and firm rubber.

They are a little louder on the road and don’t have as much grip on icy terrain as standard studless tires, but they are more resistant to wear and can last longer. SUV-specific tires are recommended for large SUVs, which tend to have a particularly short tire life.

Points to note when choosing studless tires for SUV

Check the tire size before deciding on a brand

From full-scale SUVs to crossover SUVs, even if they are sold as SUVs, the tires they wear are the same size as ordinary passenger cars, and they are different depending on the model, such as the size for SUVs with large diameters and high flatness ratios. increase.

Depending on the tire manufacturer, standard tire sizes and SUV sizes may be completely separated by brand, so when choosing tires, first check the tire size lineup for your vehicle before deciding on the brand or performance. Check to see if

Check drive system before purchase

Care must be taken when replacing only worn tires. With 2WD, you can only replace two worn tires on the front or rear wheels, but with 4WD, you have to replace all four at the same time. As well as the tire size, it is basic to align the brands. If you have no choice but to replace only one tire due to a puncture, purchase a tire of the same brand and size.

Using tires of different brands or sizes on a 4WD vehicle may cause drive system failure or abnormal wear of the tires. SUVs tend to prefer 4WD, so check the drive system in advance before deciding which tires to purchase and how many.

8 Popular Studless Tires for Nissan X-Trail


Based on the technology that was forged in the harsh winters of Europe, this model was developed exclusively for the Japanese market. The asymmetrical tread pattern creates steering precision, combined with a soft core block that improves braking performance on ice, and a 3D butterfly sipe that improves controllability on ice to run all winter roads.


By adopting a super high turn-up structure, the lateral composition is increased, suppressing wobble and improving steering stability. Braking distance on ice is reduced by 12% and cornering performance is improved by 8% compared to conventional products. A super soft compound is placed on the inner side of the tread to improve starting and braking performance, and a soft compound is used on the outer side to improve corner performance.

BLIZZAK DM-V3 (Bridgestone)

By adopting the “SUV-specific pattern” developed to maximize the grip power of “Active Foam Rubber 2”, which actively removes the water film on the road surface that causes the tires to slip, even in SUVs. It is finished as a tire that “stops” and “turns” firmly on winter roads. In addition, silica with a smaller particle size is blended with the polymer that makes up the tread rubber, and by increasing the amount of “frictional force improver”, it effectively bonds with the polymer, and the tread rubber exhibits stickiness on the ground surface and grip. power is improving.


Developed exclusively for SUVs, this model demonstrates its performance in “sherbet-like snow,” “deep snow,” and “compacted snow,” which are common on mountain roads. By shortening the time to remove the water film on the road surface and maximizing the contact surface, braking performance on ice is improved by 14% and cornering performance on ice is improved by 11% compared to conventional products. Quietness and maintenance of performance are also improved, and it is excellent in total balance.

ice GUARD 5 Plus iG50 (Yokohama Tire)

It is a model that uses “Super Absorbent Rubber” that combines three types of materials: “New Micro Absorbent Balloon”, “Black Polymer II”, and “Evo Absorbent White Gel”. In addition, the inside is on ice, and the outside is on snow. In addition, the ice friction index remains at a high level even after about four years and can be used for a long period of time.

NorthContact NC6 (Continental)

High-tech low-temperature soft compound “Nordic Compound +”, which is a uniform mixture of silica-based rubber with excellent low-temperature resistance and a unique softener “cold-resistant soft gel”, is used to achieve excellent rubber elasticity even in low-temperature environments. maintain. In addition, it is resistant to aging and can maintain its original performance for a long time.

X-ICE SNOW SUV (Michelin)

It is a model developed for SUV and crossover models with improved ice braking performance and snow braking performance compared to conventional products. By adopting the new compound “EverWinterGrip (Ever Winter Grip) compound”, the initial performance is maintained for a long time and the tire life is also improved.

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