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  • Good start with sales volume five times higher than expected
  • A “modest design” that is rare in today’s minivans
  • Largest 5-number minivan!
  • The third row follows convenient one-touch storage.
  • There are two types of powertrains: gasoline and e:HEV
  • Excellent fuel efficiency at 20.0km/L for e:HEV
  • [Summary]The new step wagon is recommended for such people

Good start with sales volume five times higher than expected

In May of this year (2022), the Honda Step WGN underwent a full model change for the first time in seven years.

There are two grades, “AIR” and “SPADA”, and in about a month from the launch, we received orders for 27,000 units, more than five times the monthly sales plan, and it got off to a good start. .

The first generation Stepwgn was released in 1996. At that time, many one-box wagons that could accommodate many people were cab-over type, but it attracted a lot of attention by tailoring it to a minivan using the FF passenger car platform.

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Orders received for “approximately 27,000 units” of Honda’s new Stepwgn in one month! Will you become a Noavok to overthrow?

A “modest design” that is rare in today’s minivans

The step wagon, which has become the 6th generation with this model change, has an impression of a fairly simple and refreshing style from the outside.

After rival models such as the Toyota Voxy became a big hit, domestically produced minivans became mainstream with strong, rugged and dynamic exterior designs. However, the new model Step Wagon has an exterior design that looks like a return to the original Step Wagon.

The simple, smart, and gentle impression of the “AIR” is particularly impressive, but compared to the previous model, the “SPADA” has less glittering plating.

“SPADA”, which is particular about its fearless appearance, does not have a glaring impression, and it is a style that gives you a sense of good taste.

From there, “AIR” has further removed the plating design. The concept design of the 6th generation Stepwagon seems to have started with the AIR, and it exudes a simple yet sophisticated appearance.

It seems that the “SPADA” was the dominant seller in the early days, but the simple and smart design of the “AIR”, which has removed glitters and unevenness, feels fresh in the midst of many minivans that emphasize dynamism and sturdiness. It seems that it is gaining popularity especially from young users because it can be done.

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Largest 5-number minivan!

Like its predecessors, the current model was developed as an M-class minivan with an FF layout and excellent interior space.

And this time, it is 35mm longer and 55mm wider than its predecessor.

Among the middle-sized domestic minivans that have been called the 5th class, it has become even larger.

Commitment to spend comfortably even in the third row!

The distance between the first and third row seats (hip point) is 1,831mm, which is the longest among domestic M-class minivans.

In particular, the comfort of the third row seats has been greatly improved, with a higher seating surface and thicker seat cushions than the previous model.

The 7-passenger 2nd row captain seats not only slide forward and backward, but also slide left and right. (You can also choose a bench seat that can accommodate 8 people as a manufacturer option)

Another feature of the new model is that the seats can be arranged freely, such as by moving the left and right seats toward the center to create a two-person bench seat, and by moving them toward the inside, a long slide of up to 865mm can be performed.

When not in use, the third row seats can be easily stored under the floor.

Comfort is pursued through the use of soft pads extending from the front seats to the sides, and the seating position is raised to provide an exhilarating view of the entire interior of the vehicle.

As a result, motion sickness is less likely to occur, and a clearer field of vision is achieved.

Also pay attention to the sheet material prepared for each type

The new model has better sound insulation than its predecessor, so it is more comfortable than expected.

The seat material is also carefully selected, and the standard grade AIR uses a sofa-like melange-like seat upholstery, which makes dirt less noticeable and creates a space where everyone can spend time comfortably at any time.

The seat “FABTECT”, which is set for each type, is made of a material that makes it easy to wipe off liquid and oil stains and does not stain easily. A strong prime smooth (synthetic leather) is used.

In order to ensure that families, who are the main users of minivans, can use the minivan with peace of mind, consideration has been given to making it easy to wipe off the dirt even if the seat is dirty by a child.

The third row follows convenient one-touch storage.

The tailgate opening is wide and the floor is designed low for easy loading and unloading of luggage, allowing smooth loading of large luggage such as bicycles.

The backrest folds forward when the strap on the shoulder of the third row seat is pulled up. With the ease of one-handed operation, simply pull the seat back and push it into the floor to transform the third row into a flat luggage space.

Compared to rival cars such as Nissan Serena and Toyota Voxy, which have flip-up third-row seats, the cargo space seems to be more convenient.

Depending on the seat arrangement, it is also possible to load a sofa or surfboard.

Easy to use power tailgate

The maximum height of the tailgate opening is about 1,195 mm, the ground clearance is about 530 mm, and the width of the luggage compartment when the third row seats are stowed is about 1,195 mm. Practical and spacious rear space.

In addition, although the “wakuwaku gate” that was set in the previous model has been abolished, a power tailgate that can memorize the opening has been prepared.

This makes it easier to open and close even in places where there is not enough space behind or there are obstacles. In addition, it can be said that it is a nice point that the opening and closing operation can be performed from the smart key and the switch on the tailgate.

In addition, convenient storage equipment such as seat back tables, coat hooks, and luggage underspaces are also available.

There are more than 20 different settings for each type, and you will be able to enjoy the comfort of living in your living room.

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