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Take a picture of the new RX being transported!

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The scene of transporting the new Lexus RX, which was unveiled to the world in June 2022, was filmed in September this year.

The new RX is scheduled to be released in Japan around autumn, so it is expected to be released soon. In the second half of the article, we will also tell you when the production will start.

In the past, we have also witnessed the new RX being tested after the announcement. Check out this article about them.

Is it the top model “RX500h” F SPORT Performance “”?

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From the design of the wheels, front and sides, the white vehicle behind seems to be “RX500h” F SPORT Performance “”.

The decisive factor is the 21-inch aluminum wheels exclusive to F SPORT Performance. The front design is the same as the RX350 F SPORT. The body color is probably “White Nova Glass Flake”.

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Also, looking at the image taken from another angle, the silver car loaded in front is not the same color as the body color at the bottom of the side door, so at least it is not an F SPORT.

The wheels are also 21-inch aluminum wheels that are not exclusive to F SPORT, and the body color seems to be “Sonic Iridium”.

All images such as appearance and equipment for each grade, body color list etc.

Lexus version Alphard “LM350h” too!

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By the way, at the same time as the new RX, the Alphard-based luxury minivan “LM350h”, which is only sold overseas, was also loaded.

Production will start on October 24th

According to the information obtained by the MOBY editorial department, production of the new RX will start on October 24th. It is expected that the ban on dealer quotations will be lifted in September.

In addition, it is said that the grade that can be purchased is decided at first. First of all, the grades that can be selected with priority are as follows.

  • RX500h “F SPORT Performance”
  • RX450h+ version L
  • RX350 “F SPORT” version L

Initially, it seems that there will be three grades in Japan: the hybrid car “RX500h”, the plug-in hybrid car “RX450h+”, and the gasoline car “RX350”. The hybrid vehicle “RX350” is undecided. We’ll let you know as soon as we have new information.

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