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Hello everyone.

This time I will post a pure travelogue. Please use it to make memories with small children.

Already booked from January

Since the beginning of this year, I have only stayed at Shirahama Flower Park during the New Year’s holiday, but since my workplace closes in March, I will be planning a family trip from January aiming for the consecutive holidays in March. I had a plan.

The accommodation spot this time is “Shiro no Yu RV Park” in Tochigi Prefecture, which also has a hot spring facility. I have to make a reservation from January! I don’t think it’s a place like that, but I had already made a reservation as of January.

Of course, we couldn’t just let the adults enjoy themselves, so we planned to let the children play to their heart’s content at the nearby “Twin Ring Motegi” the next day.

“Twin Ring Motegi” has a strong image of a circuit, and I thought that children wouldn’t be able to enjoy it very much, but it seems that there are multiple car driving attractions that parents and children can enjoy, and this is a bonus stage for old people! And I was also looking forward to it.

However, as you know, due to recent measures against the coronavirus, Twin Ring Motegi is closed! ! It’s a shame because I was really looking forward to the driving attraction.

However, we have to take measures against corona, and should we cancel this trip itself? Risky? I was worried until just before, but my wife and child, who are stressed out due to the temporary school closure, and myself, who have a prospect of working this term, want to refresh themselves during the consecutive holidays, so we stayed at “Shironoyu RV Park” as planned. It was made.

Thoughts on the road

And as usual, I brought in my clothes and bedding and left.

Since I decided to travel stingy, I headed from Chiba to Yaita all the way down the road.

It was the first long drive in a long time, and the children were in high spirits, and my daughter, who was wearing a microphone for in-car conversation, acted as the bus guide from beginning to end.

This time, I felt that the maintenance of the roads in Tochigi Prefecture was good as I was driving through Chiba, Ibaraki, and Tochigi.

Although it depends on the road, the camper is subject to the effects of road conditions as tremors, so the difference in road conditions was clear even though it was a lower road.


After shopping at the supermarket for sleeping in the car, we will arrive late as usual.

At Shironoyu RV Park, there is a restaurant with local products inside the hot spring facility.

I had no choice but to have dinner at a nearby family restaurant.

It’s a common case, but when you enter a restaurant with a large window in a camper, you’re sure to be stared at by people inside the store.

This time, while I was parking, I was stared at by a group of four women, and wondered why they were saying, “I wonder if a family restaurant is coming even though it’s a campervan.”

By the way, “Shiro no Yu RV Park” is located near the Yaita IC and is easily accessible.

In addition to the RV park, it is a facility where you can enjoy activities such as day-trip hot springs, camping, barbecues, and rental bicycles.

The campsite is close to toilets and bathing facilities, and although cars cannot enter, it seems convenient because the parking lot is nearby even if you don’t drive in.

As for the RV park, the mooring space can be used within the area of ​​7m x 8m per lot, and it is very spacious. A trailer is also available.

Furthermore, the power supply is fully equipped with 100/200V. You can also ask for free garbage disposal.

The only thing to note is that the toilet is far away. A water supply station is also available in the RV area, but the main area with toilets is across the bridge across the river.

Before going to bed, without joking, we drove the camper and finished the toilet all at once.

There is no problem if the camper is equipped with a toilet, but if it is not, it is a sense of distance that requires a little attention.

hot spring

To heal the daily fatigue, go to the hot spring immediately.

I took a bath with my son, and the child was delighted with the huge bath, but I, the guardian, was far from enjoying the hot water. But the water quality is good, and the skin is smooth.

Souvenirs, drinks, rest rooms, etc. are also available, so you can stay longer. By the way, I also got a discount ticket for bathing.

By the way, what are you going to do tomorrow?

Well, tomorrow’s schedule is completely undecided.

I think it’s an advantage of staying in the car to be able to make such a sloppy travel plan, but the Tobu Railway SL Taiju ride, which was mentioned in the title, was at the stage of being a candidate at this point.

In the end, what do you think about driving time, seat availability, and corona measures? After confirming the above, I made an online reservation for the seat.

Even though it was the night before, there were a lot of vacant seats on the seating chart, but since it was a last-minute reservation, it was rather helpful that there were vacant seats.

Twin Ring Motegi was closed, Tobu World Square was expensive, Tochigi Prefectural Park wasn’t enough, and it was the first time for the children to experience a live steam locomotive, so it was the best event.

For myself, it was the first time in 35 years that I rode a steam locomotive, and the Oigawa Railway, which I rode with my family, was the last.

In recent years, when I was on a family trip, I took my nephews to SL on the Chichibu Railway. I missed the move and the opportunity.

The Tobu Railway SL Taiju runs between Shimo-Imaichi Station and Kinugawa-Onsen Station, and I think it was about 20km from Yaitajo-no-Yu RV Park where we stayed in the car.

The plan is to park at Shimo-Imaichi Station and return to Kinugawa-Onsen Station by regular train on the outbound journey and return to Shimo-Imaichi by SL on the return journey.

SL Taiju boarding day

It was quite cold that morning in Yaita, and I woke up with a chill.

I wanted to go to the bathroom, but I couldn’t wake up everyone else, so I had no choice but to walk to the bathroom. It depends on the fact that the location of the restroom is very important.

I moved to Shimoimaichi station and looked for a parking lot while traveling on the railway, but there was only a station-operated parking lot near the station.

The letters say 1,000 yen per day, but if you look closely, you can get a discount of 700 yen for Tobu limited express users!

It was a system where you could ask the station window to issue a parking ticket, but it also covered SL rides. It seems to be a self-declaration, so please do not forget to tell us when you use it.

Also, I parked in the 9th generation, but I think it’s hard to say that the parking space is enough because express users also use it. We recommend parking early.

Then, as planned, I will head to Kinugawa Onsen by local train.

The vehicle we rode seats 4 in a box seat, and the children are immediately in tension max. Come to think of it, even though it’s a short distance, it’s the first time we’ve traveled by train as a family of four, and I really thought it was a good thing to do once in a while.

After all, I always hold the steering wheel when traveling, and I have never had a lively and carefree trip with my children.

It was only a short time, and when I arrived at Kinugawa Onsen Station, I noticed a crowd of people in front of the station.

Just when I thought something was wrong, I heard a steam whistle with sound pressure from behind.

There was an SL turntable in front of the station, and it was an event space where you could see the situation while turning. Tobu Railway is also good at this! A narration introducing SL is played during the turning work, and it is a production that is sure to bite even if you are not a maniac.

While waiting for the departure time, take a walk in front of the station.

At the souvenir shop, my son was more interested in the sword and shuriken set than the SL, which caused painful expenses. Of course it’s made of resin, but I was happy to get an item that hurts even if I play around and get cut. (Isn’t it also 100 yen uniform!?)

By the way, there are many temptations in the neighborhood, such as freshly steamed manju and bread from Kanaya Hotel.

My family wanted to return to Chiba early, so we decided to return to Shimo-Imaichi Station on the morning SL, but I regret that I should have stayed longer.

It’s time to board

Enter the platform earlier than the departure time, line up next to the SL and take a commemorative photo.

When I asked my daughter about her impression later, she seemed to be most impressed by the power of the sound of the SL. It was a comment.

As for my son, rather than the awesomeness of the SL in front of me, the SL has a strong image of the locomotive Thomas, and he is crazy about the sword and shuriken set. The result is that there is no such thing.

As an adult, the turntable, the staff, and everyone along the line are trying to raise SL Taiju as a specialty. was.

When I thought back to the gesture that I wore somewhere, yes, it was like a TDL staff.

Even for an adult, the total fare and reserved seat ticket cost less than 1,000 yen, so I think it’s affordable.

As a “former” railway geek like me, the passenger car towed by the Taiki-go is a 14 series passenger car of the former Japanese National Railways, and the windows in the passenger seats do not open.

On the other hand, Shizuoka’s Oigawa Railway and Saitama Chichibu Railway’s steam locomotives are pulling passenger cars with open windows, so you can open the windows and feel the smoke.

When the Taiki-go departed this time, I could hear only a little whistle, which may have been due to considerations along the route, but there was little peculiar smoke, and it seemed a little disappointing.

The boarding time was less than 30 minutes, but free commemorative boarding passes were distributed, goods were sold inside the train, and commemorative photos were taken for a fee.


1. When using the Yaitajo no Yu RV Park, please check the mooring position and whether or not a power supply is required, except for those who are equipped with a toilet. If you don’t need a power supply, we recommend that the camping area is closer to the toilet and hot spring facility than the RV area.

2.When you take the SL Taiju and park at Shimo-Imai Station, please keep it early. There doesn’t seem to be any parking options around.

3. This time it’s SL, but don’t buy anything that distracts the toddler before achieving the goal. The emotional state of the child fell far short of the expectations of the parents, and the result was somewhat frustrating.

Thank you very much for watching until the end this time. We hope you will take advantage of it.

Writer: Ejii

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