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GT-R whose sales are ending one after another

Nissan GT-R (2007 model)

Nissan’s high-performance sports car “GT-R”, which debuted in 2007, has been improved every year, although 15 years have passed since its debut. It became 570 horsepower with NISMO and 600 horsepower with NISMO.

The GT-R, which has continued to evolve as Nissan’s flagship sports car, has finally ceased sales in European countries due to regulations that are becoming stricter year by year.

In Japan, it has been announced on the official website that orders have been discontinued because the number of orders has reached the planned sales volume. But it is said that it may disappear.

GT-R removed from official Nissan websites in European countries

Former GT-R development manager commented that “development has been handed over to a new team”

Nissan GT-R Premium Edition T-spec 2022 model front
Nissan GT-R T-spec

However, Mr. Hiroshi Tamura, who is currently Nissan’s GT-R brand ambassador and was in charge of GT-R development in the past, responded to questions about the GT-R from the Australian media and said that the next model would appear. I gave a suggestive answer.

Although he did not directly name the GT-R, he revealed that the future of the car he was involved in developing was handed over to the new team, and if that car is a GT-R, the next GT-R will appear. You can place your hopes on

He also commented, “The GT-R must be the world’s fastest super sports car,” so if the next GT-R appears, its performance will be better than the current GT-R. It is clear that it will evolve significantly.

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