Are you a beginner if you can’t answer? Car cooling water, “FULL” display in the middle… Why is it NG beyond that? |MOBY [モビー]

The “cooling water” used in cars is essential to keep the engine in good condition, just like oil. It has the effect of cooling the engine to prevent overheating and suppressing the deterioration of metal parts due to corrosion.

but it has cooling waterWhen I look at the “reservoir tank”, why is the “FULL” display in the middle of the tank?

Reservoir tank = Temporary storage place for cooling water

The purpose of the reservoir tank is to temporarily store the coolant that expands inside the engine.

Cooling water circulates through water passages in the engine and absorbs heat from hot spots. The waterway is connected to the radiator, which is adjacent to the engine.

The cooling water that has absorbed the heat is taken into the radiator, and the cooling water is awakened using the wind taken in from the outside. It is now possible to circulate the waterway in the engine again.


but,Since the volume of the cooling water expands due to heat, pressure may be applied and the water channel may be broken.

In such a situation, a pressure adjustment part called a “radiator cap” works, and the installed valve opens to release the pressure. At this time,Moves the expanded cooling water to the reserve tank to prevent the waterway from bursting.

The reservoir tank plays an important role as a place to temporarily store the increased cooling water.

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