“Huh? Seriously?” “I saved the trouble of calling a tow truck.” The appearance of carrying a car on a tricycle is a hot topic | MOBY [モビー]

A shocking sighting in China

A man was pictured biking a car in Harbin, Heilongjiang province in northern China.

It is not the error of “man carrying a bicycle by car” but the state of “a man carrying a car by bicycle”. This Youtube video that I can’t help but watch twice is currently a hot topic.

A man appears carrying a car on a tricycle

Toyota FJ Cruiser

The man put a car that looked a lot like a Toyota FJ Cruiser sideways on the carrier of a tricycle and slowly drove down the roadway.

Although it is fixed with two thick belts, what is used as an auxiliary can only be seen as a knotted string. A tricycle has a strong carrier, but it is impossible to carry a car with it.

The total length of the car is more than twice that of a tricycle, and there is a risk of tipping over if you lose your balance. In addition, there is a risk that the vehicle being transported will hit a passerby or a passing vehicle. Braking isn’t enough either.

However, the person who carried it on the tricycle had a calm expression without seeming to care. He appears to be operating with confidence. In the first place, I’m also curious about how to lift it and how far it will go.

What is the true identity of the man?

According to the news media that reported the rarity, the man was called a “garbage collector” instead of a tow truck.

Judging from the state of damage to the car, it is highly likely that the car has been prepared for scrapping, and that it is in a state where only the body shell has already been removed, with heavy objects such as the engine already removed.

Even so, it weighs hundreds of kilograms and cannot be carried by bicycle. By the way, the car the man is carrying is not a Toyota FJ Cruiser, but a compact car with a similar front mask.

People’s reactions to this video

In the comments on this Youtube video, there are legitimate opinions such as “Well, I think you’re doing it wrong”, but “I was able to save gas and get the car to my destination (lol) )”, “His wife and children are also driving SUVs (to save gas)”, and other comments focused on recent high fuel prices.

“The SUV must be a plastic replica” “That Asian guy is big” “Chinese tricycles are high performance” “People like him built the pyramids of Egypt” There are also many interesting comments such as “Wow”.

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