Honda’s new SUV “ZR-V” postponed to spring 2023 Pre-orders start on September 8, 2022 | Latest car information

Honda announced that it will postpone the launch of the new SUV “ZR-V”, which was scheduled to be released in the fall of 2022, to the spring of 2023. Pre-orders will start on September 8, 2022.

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About the features of the new SUV “ZR-V”

Honda’s latest “digital meter” is adopted.

the exterior isnew generation brand designadopted

Hybrid (e:HEV)Powered by

A smartphone replaces a keyHonda digital keyAdopted.

9-inch Honda CONNECT Honda display” is adopted. In-vehicle communication module dedicated to Honda vehiclesHonda CONNECTEquipped with. “Honda Total Care Premium” is available.

The ZR-V was developed under the grand concept of “Releasing Distinctiveness” with the aim of creating a car that unleashes the individuality of the customer and elevates their mood, just like their favorite car. With the keywords “Glamorous and Elegant”, the SUV offers new value as a vehicle that gives drivers confidence and comfort, such as a beautiful and sophisticated design and dynamic performance that aims to control at will.

About the new Honda ZR-V

It is said that the new “HR-V” for North America will be released as “ZR-V” in the Japanese model, and originally “HR-V” was called “Vezel” in Japan, but already in Japan and Europe “HR-V Vezel” is on sale and another name “ZR-V” is prepared. It is a model that sits between the Japanese “Vezel” and the “CR-V.” The front view features a grille with a strong presence and sharp headlights, and it has proportions that smoothly connect to the rear. design.

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Honda New “HR-V” 2nd Generation North America World Premiere Announced on April 4, 2022
Honda made a full model change of the new “HR-V” and unveiled it for the first time in the world on April 4, 2022 (local time). The new HR-V for North America is scheduled to be sold globally outside of North America.[HondaNewModel

About Honda New ZR-V Exterior

From the front to the rear, the exterior has flowing proportions characterized by voluminous and smooth surfaces. At the front, the vertical grille, which has continuity with the shape of the surroundings, and the oblong, sharp headlights give it a high-quality yet dignified presence. At the rear, the wide tread is emphasized by giving volume to the lower part of the body and smoothly narrowing upward.

In addition to the horizontal beltline and elegant proportions, the exterior has a low, firm stance compared to the previous model by lengthening the wheelbase. The size of the car body is large enough to enjoy a variety of activities such as leisure on the weekends, and it is also practical enough to be easily handled even in the city. In terms of driving performance, the aim was to achieve both a more agile response engine, a newly adopted independent rear suspension, ease of handling and refined driving, and a joy to drive. The body size is 4,580mm in length, 1,800mm in width, 1,630mm in height, and 2,735mm in wheelbase.

Exterior design is fresh for Honda

It is a model that sits between the Japanese “Vezel” and the “CR-V.” The front view features a grille with a strong presence and sharp headlights, and it has proportions that smoothly connect to the rear. design.I got the impression that Honda has adopted a design that is conscious of luxury rather than being sporty that has never been seen before. In particular, I felt a sense of awareness around the front.

The single-lens LED headlights are equipped with headlights with daylights, and the characteristic vertical line front grille is impressive. The rear has a refreshing impression and rear tail lamps that are popular with everyone.

However, the design inevitably reminded me of other companies, and the front grill reminded me of Maserati’s “Grecale” and “Levante”, and the rear design reminded me of “Corolla Touring” (personal impression). but,I personally like both designs, so it was a good impression.


The interior uses an instrument panel that stretches to the left and right to create a spacious interior. In addition, the details of the parts are functionally and precisely finished to accentuate the beauty of the form, aiming for a high-quality interior space that is one class higher. A high-deck center console separates the driver’s and passenger’s seats to create a personal space.

As Honda, the interior design is unified with other models

The interior panel is designed with horizontal and straight lines to reduce line of sight movement based on the concept of HMI (Human Machine Interface), arrange controls along the flow line, and improve visibility. A solid form with a firm core and a “massive feel” All seats adopt a “sleek and long cabin” to provide exhilarating visibility.

A 10.2-inch digital graphic meter exclusively for e:HEV and a navigation system optimized for Honda CONNECT are standard equipment. “Perforated metal air conditioner outlet”, “left and right independent temperature control type fully automatic air conditioner”, “center console garnish”, “wireless charging just by placing” and “steering heater” are adopted.

The interior is “auto brake holdEquipped with a function that keeps the vehicle stationary even if you take your foot off the brake pedal while the vehicle is stopped, it will be released when you step on the accelerator, so it will be useful in traffic jams..parking brake system” is adopted. In-vehicle communication module equipped with new-generation connected technologyHonda CONNECT”, a connected service that allows you to enjoy a safer and more comfortable car lifeHonda Total Care Premium” provided. The center display shows “9-inch Honda CONNECT Honda display” is adopted.Compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. In-vehicle communication module dedicated to Honda vehiclesHonda CONNECTEquipped with. “Honda Total Care Premium” is available. It is possible to provide trouble support that can be operated remotely via a smartphone, or that the vehicle itself can be connected to an emergency support center in the event of an accident or other emergency, enabling quick and accurate responses. Equipped with an automatic map update service. A smartphone replaces a keyHonda digital key“Honda App Center” Uses “in-vehicle Wi-Fi” that allows you to purchase data communication capacity in the car and connect to the Internet to enjoy it.

Equipped with BOSE premium sound system.A sound system that uses BOSE’s unique surround technology “Centerpoint”.


By achieving both a low and stable driving position and an eye point with a good view, we aimed to ensure ease of driving and enhance the sense of unity between the driver and the car. In addition to the wide, horizontal frontal field of view, the rear field of view is also designed to make it easier to recognize other vehicles and pedestrians, in pursuit of good visibility while driving.
Like the front seats, the rear seats also have a lower hip point, allowing greater freedom in designing the roof end, achieving both a flowing roofline and improved aerodynamic performance. We have prepared a variety of easy-to-use storage spaces, ensuring utilities that can meet the various needs of our customers.

New Vezel and New ZR-V Body Size Comparison

Comparing the body sizes of the new “Vezel” and the new “ZR-V”, the “ZR-V” has a longer overall length and wheelbase.

spec Vezel ZR-V difference
full length 4,340mm 4,580mm +240mm
Width 1,790mm 1,800mm +10mm
Height 1,590mm 1,630mm +40mm
Wheelbase 2,610mm 2,735mm +125mm

The “ZR-V” seems to be easy to use in Japan due to its body size, which is between the “Vezel” and “CR-V”.Furthermore, there is no reason to choose other companies because the middle size lineup increases the number of choices.


The hybrid model is the first SUV equipped with the newly developed 2.0L direct-injection engine and two-motor built-in electric CVT for the “Civic e:HEV.” A gasoline model with a 1.5L turbo engine and CVT, which provides high response and light driving, is also available.
Real-time AWD is available for both hybrid and gasoline models. It has excellent snow turning and hill-climbing performance, and realizes snow driving with a sense of security.

Equipped with Honda SENSING

Advanced Safe Driving Support System “Honda SENSING“for,”front wide view cameraA high-speed image processing chip has been newly adopted, and by combining a total of eight sonar sensors mounted on the front and rear of the vehicle, a “close-range collision mitigation brake” has been added, making it standard equipment on all models. Four sensors are placed on the rear bumper to detect obstacles behind and notify the driver with sound and display.

About the new Honda ZR-V engine

“2.0L straight 4 DOHC i-VTEC + motor (e: HEV)” Equipped with a maximum output of 107 kW (145 ps) / 6,200 rpm + motor 135 kW (184 ps) / 5,000-6,000 rpm.

spec New ZR-V e:HEV
full length 4,690mm
Width 1,855mm
Height 1,640mm
Wheelbase 2,680mm
engine 2.0L straight 4 DOHC i-VTEC
+ Motor (i-MMD) e:HEV
Maximum output 107kW (145ps)/
Maximum torque 175Nm (17.8kgm)/
motor output 135kW (184PS)/
motor maximum torque 315 N・m (32.1 kgf・m)/
EV maximum speed 2WD (FF)/
Real-time AWD
Boarding capacity Five people
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Will Honda’s new SUV “ZR-V” sell in Japan?I summarized the specifications and considerations that I care about
In April 2023, the ZR-V, a middle-sized SUV based on the Civic, will be released in Japan. It is an intermediate size model between the SUV “Vezel” and “CR-V”. I wonder what the difference is…

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Honda New ZR-V Civic-based middle-sized SUV Japan Released in April 2023
Honda will release the new Civic-based middle-sized SUV “ZR-V” in Japan in April 2023. Pre-order acceptance starts on September 8, 2022. “ZR-V” was filed with the Japanese Patent Office on October 12, 2020…

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