Subaru “XV” full model change?New SUV teaser video released September 15, 2022 | Latest car information

Subaru will release the new SUV world premiere teaser site on September 1, 2022.It will be officially announced at 14:00 (Japan time) on September 15, the forecastThe possibility of a full model change of the new “XV” seems high.

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Subaru new SUV teaser video release
Subaru will release the new SUV world premiere teaser site on September 1, 2022. In addition, a teaser video has been released on the web page. World premiere video from 14:00 (Japan time) on September 15, 2022…

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Subaru new XV full model change forecast

The new “XV” adopts Subaru’s new design philosophy “DYNAMIC × SOLID” with a keep concept for the exterior. Improved even more than the old model “SUBARU GLOBAL PLATFORM (SGP)” is adopted. Significantly improve the texture of the interior and exterior. “Electric parking brake & hold” and the meters will be renewed. 2.0L horizontally opposed 4-cylinder DOHC direct injection engine “FB20 type” + motor assist “e-BOXER” is adopted in more grades than the old model.

Of course, “EyeSight”, which is synonymous with Subaru, has also been upgraded..Evolving into next-generation EyeSightThe stereo camera is a wide-angle camera made by Vionia of Sweden from Hitachi (the resolution has been improved from 1.2 megapixels to 2.3 megapixels, and the horizontal angle of view is less than twice as wide), the conventional rear-side radar, and the rear In addition to the ultrasonic sensors, millimeter wave radars are installed on the left and right of the front of the vehicle. The widening of the camera’s viewing angle is due to the fact that the mounting position of the camera has been moved forward by bringing the camera cover into close contact with the windshield. The brake booster (a device that increases braking force) is now electrically operated, improving the response of EyeSight.

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Subaru new XV full model change 4th generation A type released in May 2023
Subaru will make a full model change of “SUBARU XV” and release it around May 2023. The 3rd generation of the predecessor model has been on sale since May 24, 2017, and will be a full model change in 6 years.

EyeSight Ver.2 Ver.3 What is the difference between the next-generation EyeSight (EyeSight X)?

system Eyesight
next generation
method stereo camera
stereo camera
Stereo camera +
millimeter wave radar
◯ (30km/h) ◯ (50km/h or less)
Pedestrian collision avoidance ◯ (30km/h) ◯ (35km/h)
With all speed tracking function
cruise control

(from 0km/h
about 100km/h)

(from 0km/h
about 120km/h)
Leading vehicle following steering
keep lane center
Lane Departure Suppression
stop hold
Inter-vehicular distance Three stages 4 steps 4 steps
AT erroneous start suppression
AT erroneous backward movement suppression
reverse brake
Own vehicle sway warning
(50km/h or more)
lane departure warning
(40km/h or more)

(40km/h or more)
high beam
rear vehicle
Front side pre-crash
emergency pre-crash
Hands-off in traffic jam
Congestion start assist ◯※
active lane
change assist
Speed ​​control before curve ◯※
Pre-toll gate speed control ◯※
Driver error
Correspondence system

*Vehicles equipped with EyeSight X

We will let you know as soon as we have new information.

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The Subaru XV is a crossover SUV produced and sold by SUBARU.[About Subaru XV]Released in 2010 as a crossover model of the 3rd generation Impreza. The second generation in the North American market…

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[2021 version]Summary of vehicles equipped with Subaru EyeSight
Subaru EyeSight was developed with the concept of SUBARU’s “driving support system”, has evolved from Ver.2 to Ver.3, and has evolved into EyeSight X. Regarding differences in functions and models equipped with…


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