“GR Yaris” added Toyota “KINTO FACTORY” to “evolve” and “upgrade” the car to the latest state | Latest car information

Toyota and KINTO have added the GR Yaris, purchased through a Toyota vehicle dealer, to the lineup for the new service “KINTO FACTORY,” which allows customers to purchase a portion of the “upgrade” and “reform” menus. Morizo ​​Selection”followed by,Newly added from August 24, 2022.

It is a service that can improve the performance of a purchased car by retrofitting an advanced driver assistance system or upgrading the software.

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About GR Yaris Toyota “KINTO FACTORY”

Based on the “Upgrade” and “Personalization” delivered so far with “GR Yaris “Morizo ​​Selection””,As a new “upgrade”Increases maximum engine torque to 390NmA new service, “GR YARIS PERFORMANCE SOFTWARE 2.0” is available.In addition, for customers who have purchased this service, we also provide “personalization” that delivers optimal software settings. In addition to the existing method of provision through customer driving data analysis, it is also possible to provide through consulting at GR Garage. The price is 141,400 yen (GR Yaris “Morizo ​​Selection” is free).

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Toyota New GR Yaris Full Model Change Released from 2.65 million yen on September 4, 2020
Toyota will release the “GR Yaris” based on the new Yaris on September 4, 2020. This is Toyota’s first model developed with the reversed concept of “commercializing a vehicle for motor sports”.

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Toyota New GR Yaris “Morizo ​​Selection” KINTO exclusive car announced on June 7, 2021
Toyota (Toyota Motor Corporation) and KINTO (KINTO Co., Ltd.) will handle the new “GR Yaris ‘Morizo ​​Selection'” that reflects the latest software according to each customer…

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Toyota New GRMN Yaris Limited sale of 500 units announced on January 14, 2022
Toyota’s “TOYOTA GAZOO Racing” unveiled the “GRMN Yaris” for the first time at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022. As a limited edition model of 500 units, it is scheduled to be released at GR Garages nationwide from around the summer of 2022. …



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