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In all ages and countries, there are many car names that can be used as personal names. It wouldn’t be strange at all to use a coined word for the name of your beloved car as your child’s name.

However, unexpectedly, it is Mazda’s car name that I think “this is tough even as a sparkling name”. etc.) are not suitable for people, and I feel sorry for unpopular cars such as Cloros and Clef.

Still managed to collect 3 of them! “Mazda cars with names that children can give”.

Flare (Kazerei Ai, Fukirei Aya, etc.)

If you have an image of the wind, it might be a girl who is like a pleasant breeze blowing elegantly.

Mazda Flare Hybrid XG (2nd generation)

It’s a car that doesn’t come to mind unless you go in and out of a Mazda dealership or have a user nearby, but Mazda’s light tall wagon that received OEM supply of Wagon R from Suzuki is “Flare”.

Currently, Mazda is promoting the branding of Suzuki OEM mini passenger cars other than Carol, Flare Wagon (Spacia OEM) and Flare Crossover (Hustler), but it is the basic version of that.

In everyday life, solar flares, which emit strong electromagnetic waves from explosions on the surface of the sun and cause magnetic storms on the earth, are well-known, but as a name for a child, I would like my daughter to have an elegant and refreshing image. It may be a good idea to guess kanji related to the wind, such as Kome and “Wind Rei Ai”.

Cosmo (universe, microcosm, etc.)

Burn up, my Cosmo! !Rotary or Saint Seiya at the end?

Eunos Cosmo

Speaking of Cosmo, since Cosmo Sports (1967), Mazda Rotary Sports has a strong image of flagship, but “Cosmo” is also an ant as a child’s name.

However, the kanji for “space” can be called “Sora (Mobile Suit Gundam III Encounter Universe)” for Gundam fans, or “Nasa (NASA/National Aeronautics and Space Administration)” for space development enthusiasts. It is also interesting that it is not necessarily the Mazda rotary.

Furthermore, if you guess the kanji for “microcosm”, you may go in the direction of releasing the Pegasus meteor fist as a bronze bronze saint wearing a bronze cloth (bronze cloth).

With the remake boom of old masterpieces, sequels to “Saint Seiya” are continuing. is a little lonely.

Capella (Capella, etc.)

Star is born from a goat in Greek mythology

Mazda Capella Rotary AP Sedan GR (2nd generation)

I think it’s usually cool as a person’s name, and it wouldn’t be strange if it was used in a sparkling name, but it’s a little-known spot that you don’t see unexpectedly? The name is Capella.

It once appeared as Mazda’s third mass-market car following Familia and Luce, and in the early days it was equipped with a rotary engine, and there is also a brave story that it broke the winning streak of the Skyline GT-R (the first generation KPGC10) in the race.

However, after Mazda stopped installing rotary wheels in practical vehicles due to the oil crisis, it tended to become an ordinary middle-class utility vehicle and became a plain existence, and the successor Cronos suffered the so-called “Cronos tragedy” of the bubble era. We also know that Capella was revived for a while until Atenza appeared.

The name of the car comes from the star in the constellation Auriga, which is derived from a goat in Greek mythology. that’s right.

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