The reason why I no longer see the unfashionable classic “Mushroom Mirror” is because “new species” are proliferating? |MOBY [モビー]

The “mushroom mirror” that was once attached to the SUV.Official name isside under mirrorAs I said, I haven’t seen it much lately. It should have been compulsory for taller cars, but why did it become obsolete?

Background behind the birth of “Mushroom Mirror” and “Guts Mirror”

During the 4WD boom in the 1990s, accidents involving children in the invisible area on the left front became a problem.

From new models produced in January 2005 (continued production models in 2007), installation of side under mirrors is obligatory.

Land cruiser 70 series side under mirror.It is mounted on the side instead of on the hood

However, in the cross-country 4WD market, self-regulatory installation of side under mirrors had already started.Because its abrupt design looks like mushrooms are growing, users“Mushroom Mirror” I was ridiculed.

In addition, in one-box vehicles such as Hiace“Guts mirror (because it looks like a guts pose)”Also called

Hiace side under mirror.If you ask me, it looks like I’m doing a guts pose

In fact, it is not only shaped like a mushroom, but also a model equipped with a large concave mirror such as the Isuzu Bighorn or the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado (2nd generation), Mitsubishi Jeep, etc.Auxiliary mirror added under existing mirrorAnd so on.

As mentioned above, the side under mirror visualizes the vicinity of the left front tire.HoweverAs a designer, I want to be as inconspicuous as possible.With that in mind, depending on the car model, there are some that are so large that you can see them.

Of course, some were clearly visible, and the standards were not very clear for users.

After that, it became a common equipment for SUVs, etc., but in 2016It is also possible to substitute a camera and monitor that can secure the same field of view as the side under mirror.Due to the revision of international law, the number of cars equipped with it will gradually decrease.

The current Jimny has an auxiliary mirror under the door mirror
Photo: Yuki Yamazaki

In addition, recently, there are many new types such as those with an under mirror attached to the bottom of the left side door mirror, and those that are attached to the inside of the car, such as the N-BOX. It is

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