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A commercial vehicle appears in Spacia!

On August 26, 2022, Suzuki launched the new Spacia Base mini commercial vehicle.

The Spacia Base is based on the concept of “a light commercial van that allows you to freely use your space for work and play.” , is a model that combines ease of driving.

The design of the Spacia series is everywhere

Suzuki Spacia Base XF

The front and side designs seem to be based on the existing model Spacia Custom.

The front grille, door handles, door mirrors, back door garnish, 14-inch wheels, and other decorations all come in black, emphasizing a sense of solidity. It is said that it is directing “favorite tool feeling”.

Suzuki Spacia Base XF

On the other hand, the rear adopts the same tail lamp as Spacia Gear. Spacia Gear’s roof rails are installed on the roof of the top grade “XF”.

The body color is a lineup of all 5 colors including the new color “Moss Gray Metallic”. The muted color of a commercial vehicle seems to be useful for outdoor use.

The concept is to keep maintenance costs low by making it a 4-number model while maintaining the design of the popular model Spacia series. It is expected to compete with per N-VAN.

All models adopt multi-boards that can be arranged

In the interior, a fully flat floor with no gaps and a low ground clearance for the luggage compartment opening make it easy to use and load and unload luggage. It has both a comfortable front seat space.

In addition, all models are standard equipped with a “multi-board” that can be arranged in 4 patterns. You can freely create an indoor space according to your purpose, such as staying in the car or working.

In addition, grayish blue is used as an accent color for the instrument panel and rear quarter pocket to express strength.

In addition, various storage spaces such as overhead shelves, rear quarter pockets, and floor console trays are installed.

In addition, utility nuts, LED room lamps, driver and front passenger seat heaters, front passenger seat back table, antifouling type luggage floor, USB power socket[Type-A / Type-C]are used for high convenience. I made it an indoor space.

Suzuki Safety Support is standard equipment on all models

In terms of safety, Suzuki Safety Support, which is equipped with a dual camera brake support that detects pedestrians at night, is standard equipment on all models. The XF is equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) with adaptive cruise control.

In addition, an omnidirectional monitor camera equipped with a passing support function is available as a manufacturer option. In addition, LED headlamps and LED fog lamps are standard equipment on all models to enhance safety functions.

Price list by grade

grade engine drive transmission WLTC fuel economy Eco-car tax reduction
(weight tax)
Tax-included price
GFs 0.66L
Intake and exhaust VVT
2WD CVT 21.2km/L duty free 1,394,800 yen
4WD 19.9km/L 1,518,000 yen
XFs 2WD 21.2km/L 1,547,700 yen
4WD 19.9km/liter 1,667,600 yen

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