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BMW MINI unveils collaboration car with Pokemon

On August 23, 2022, BMW announced the collaboration car “MINI Aceman With Pokemon Mode” between “MINI” and “Pokemon”. This vehicle will be unveiled at gamescom 2022, one of the world’s three largest game shows, to be held in Cologne, Germany from August 24, 2022.

The MINI brand is the main sponsor and official mobility partner of “gamescom2022”, and this MINI Aceman will bring a unique experience to more people by fusing automobiles and the gaming culture that is currently expanding worldwide. It is a concept car produced with the goal of being able to provide

MINI Concept Aceman With Pokemon Mode

Aceman’s vehicle concept is “an approach that pursues playfulness and novelty to challenge”. The appearance is characterized by being deformed like a Pokemon character while emphasizing the charming MINI character.

The biggest feature is the interior. Pikachu’s animation is displayed on the central display of the instrument panel, where the tachometer is normally located, and in conjunction with that, Pikachu’s 100,000 V electric shock is emitted in the cabin by using projection type image technology on the dashboard and front door. is also projected.

There are several types of animation patterns, including a pattern in which Pikachu appears after the monster ball emits a blue light, and a pattern in which Pikachu appears first. The doorstep also incorporates a production in which the MINI and Pokemon logos are projected onto the ground.

Commercialization is undecided, but Aceman’s minicar is on sale

This MINI Artman is a demo vehicle for “gamescom 2022” and it is undecided whether it will be commercialized. Instead, Artman’s design team created a miniature car named “MINI Art Toy” for the event. MINI Artman’s miniature car will be sold at the “gamescom2022” venue.

Why MINI and Pokemon Pikachu are collaborating?

Pokemon was released as a video game in Japan in 1996, followed by anime broadcasts and character goods for sale. Among them, Pikachu is now a representative character of Japan. Pokemon and Pikachu are very popular not only in Germany but also overseas.

MINI is actively promoting electrification, and has announced a goal of becoming a fully EV brand by the early 2030s. In 2020, we launched our first BEV, the MINI Cooper SE, in Europe.

Combining the charming appearance of an electrically powered MINI with the image of a lovely Pikachu, MINI made a comment saying, “Pikachu, I chose you!” said.

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