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A new Land Cruiser that is so popular that it has a large number of back orders in Japan

The concept of the Toyota Land Cruiser is “a car that can go anywhere and come back alive”, with excellent performance on rough roads and a sense of stability that is not affected by road conditions, as well as comfortable performance.

Although it was released on June 10, 2021, the production of the 300 series Land Cruiser could not keep up with the popularity, and the waiting time for delivery was five years, and finally, orders were suspended in July 2022.

In the midst of this, there were rumors that the product would be released in India, leaving behind Japan, which has a large number of backorders.

What are your favorite specs for the 300 series Rankle?

The catalog leaked in India, and there was information that it was about to go on sale


Information on the sale of the 300 series Land Cruiser in India was revealed from the leaked Land Cruiser catalog.

It is said that detailed information on the 2023 model of the Indian specification 300 series Rankle was described in the Rankle catalog published on the Internet.

As a result, there is a possibility that the 300 series Rankle will be sold in India from around September.

Rankle is a very popular car model in India, and not only the wealthy and the general public, but also state governments have purchased large quantities of Rankle as official vehicles.

Is India’s sales model different from Japan’s?

The image is a black & dark red interior exclusively for GR SPORT

Since the Land Cruiser is manufactured as a global car, there is no big difference from the Japanese domestic specification. In addition, India is also right-hand drive like the Japanese specification.

As for the powertrain, there are two types of 3.4L V6 gasoline and 3.5L V6 diesel, the same as the Japanese specification, combined with a 10-speed automatic transmission.

Differences can be seen in interior and exterior colors and options

However, the lineup of body color and interior color seems to be different from Japan. In Japan, there are a total of six pearl colors available, while the Indian version only has five colors: white, metallic white, red, black, and blue.

In addition, GR SPORT is not set in the Indian specification, but exclusive black and dark red interior colors have been added to the standard model, and the Indian interior has a total of three types, beige and black. In the overseas specification, in addition to the 7-seater, a 4-seater option is also available.

However, Indian runkur is very expensive. Although the price of the 300 series is undecided, past models sell for around 8 million rupees (approximately 14 million yen in Japanese yen).

Rankle’s main target is the overseas market

Although it is a very popular Land Cruiser all over the world, it is manufactured in a limited number of factories in Japan and in Portugal and Kenya, where only a small amount of semi-knockdown production is done.

The Middle East is the country with the largest demand. On the other hand, the demand in the Japanese market is only about 1/4 of that in the Middle East. According to the people concerned, the allocation of Japanese specification production volume is about 10% of the total production volume.

Rankle is in very high demand overseas, and there are countries like India where it can be sold at a high price. In this case, it can be said that production for Japan will be postponed.

The popularity of the 300 series Rankle is not odd

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