“Any name is fine as long as it’s a good car”! ? Why this car name? Mitsubishi edition[Push car]| MOBY [モビー]

The question that sometimes arises when remodeling an existing car or reviving a traditional car name for a new car is, “Why is this car named this car?”

The more the car that was originally named is a masterpiece with a glorious history, or the more “precedence” it has as a cool sports car, the more pressure it will put on the inherited car, but even so, there are cases where this is…

On the other hand, including the example of “Wouldn’t it be better to make use of the name value of this famous car?”

Mirage (6th generation, current model, 2012)

Considering the car class, is Colt appropriate?

Mitsubishi Mirage (6th generation, initial model at the time of release in 2012)

By making full use of the sub-transmission, it boasted a 1.6-liter MIVEC engine with a 175-horsepower 175-horsepower 1.6-liter turbocharged 3rd-generation 1.6-liter turbo with a “super shift” that could be used as a 4-speed x 2 = 8-speed automatic transmission. Mirage was a 4th/5th generation “cyborg” with a strong sporty element.

The tall wagon Mirage Dingo (1999) was still a derivative of the same class from the same sales line (Car Plaza store), but the 6th generation Mirage, which was initially revived as a 1.2-liter car in 2012, was revived as a 1.2-liter car. , If you know the past Mirage, it’s a car that you can’t ignore.

Of course, it is reasonable as a cheap compact car made in Thailand, but considering the car class, it may have been more chic to inherit the “Colt”, which is lower than the Mirage.

Eclipse Cross (2018)

Even if you put a cross on the old sports coupe, it doesn’t come with a pin

mitsubishi eclipse cross

The Eclipse Cross, which evolved while changing the power unit, such as adding a 1.5-liter direct-injection turbocharger at first, and then adding a clean diesel later, replaced it with a PHEV in a short period of time, and is said to be an advanced and high-performance compact SUV. I’m here.

However, the name Eclipse was originally popular mainly in North America, and was used in a small number of coupe/open sports cars imported and sold in Japan, and sales in Japan ended in 2006 (3rd generation Eclipse Spider). However, many people still remember the old days.

For the car name “○○ Cross”, which is a common SUV these days, with the base car + cross added, the Eclipse itself was discontinued in North America in 2012, so it was completely unrelated.

eK Cross (2019)

Wouldn’t the “Delica D:1” be better?

mitsubishi ek cross

I think that the name eK Cross itself is appropriate as a light crossover based on the 4th generation eK Wagon, but the more I see it, the more I wonder, “Is it designed like this? Why didn’t you name yourself Delica D: 1?”

In addition to the main Delica D:5, the current Delica series includes the Suzuki Solio OEM Delica D:2, and the former Nissan Vanette NV200 OEM Delica D:3. If an eK cloth similar to 5 calls Delica D: 1, the impact will be outstanding.

It shouldn’t have mattered if it was a Super Height Wagon version eK Cross Space or a Delica D: 1 Space, but how stubbornly stuck to the “eK” brand even though it was a minicar…

If I called myself Delica D:1, I might have had more chances to be introduced together as the youngest of D:5.

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