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Recently, in addition to imported cars, there are more and more cases where the car name is the “symbol representing the category and the number representing the car class”, even for Mazda cars. It is extremely important in manufacturing, and some cars succeed, while others fail.

This time, I picked up 3 cars from among Toyota cars that I can say, “Isn’t that car name a loss?”

Carina ED (first release in 1985)

The tragedy of abbreviating “Exciting Dressy”

Toyota Carina ED (first generation)

It appeared as a 4-door hardtop coupe version of Celica, a specialty coupe made into FF. The hit Carina ED.

ED is an abbreviation of “Exciting Dressy”, which means “exciting and stylish”. becomes famous.

The name Carina ED became a bit embarrassing when “ED” became famous for “Erectile Dysfunction”, or uh… a critical imperfection in male function.

As with the Honda Vigor, which I introduced earlier, it is a good example of how even if the car was not a problem when it was introduced, it would later become a bad car name due to external factors.

GR Supra (5th generation Supra, 2019)

Have you tried to convince your users?

GR Supra (front center) and successive Supras (from left, 4th generation A70 light, 1st generation A40/50 series, 3rd generation A60 series, 4th generation A80 series, 1st and 2nd generation Japanese name “Celica XX”)

In Japan, it was named Celica XX until the second generation, but overseas it was called Supra from the beginning, so the current model is the fifth generation GR Supra.

The 2nd generation was unpopular with critics as “an unbalanced Celica that was forcibly converted into a straight 6”, while the 3rd generation was forced to work as a Group A machine in races and rallies that it was not good at, and was on par with the Skyline GT-R in races. The 4th generation that fought was also a car that went through quite a difficult road because the contents were completely different from the production car.

However, because it is Toyota’s strongest sports coupe, it is also a car with many proud fans and haters, and the GR Supra, which was developed in collaboration with BMW, caused a lot of controversy.

Among them, the misunderstanding of “BMW Z4 (3rd generation)’s sister car with different sides” is a problem, and despite the fact that it is a completely different car developed by Toyota with BMW parts, it is a barren argument because it calls itself “Supra”. Toyota should have made more efforts to ask users for their understanding.

Crown (16th generation, 2022)

If you don’t call yourself a crown, you can honestly think it’s a good car

The 16th generation Crown “series” was born from the top down of Mr. Akio Toyoda, the president of Toyota proudly puffing his chest between the Crown Sport (left) and the Crown Sedan (right).
Photo: Yoshiaki Mitsuhashi/N-PAK PHOTO AGENCY

The pros and cons of this are now being questioned, and even the image change of a traditional car name that has existed in the past has been controversial, and the car name that needs follow-up from the media is unlike any other Japanese car. Maybe.

President Akio Toyoda boasts that “the Japanese Crown is here”, but the negatives say that there are no SUVs or hatchback sports in the Crown so far, and the positives praise that the design and concept are wonderful. , but does this call itself a crown? I wonder.

In the end, if a 4-door sedan was to be produced, the conservatives would prefer the Crown. Is there

The debate is likely to continue regardless of whether it sold well after its release, and although I can’t say for sure at this point, if it ends in failure, there’s no doubt that the use of the Crown name will come up as a spear.

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