Carlava Vol.22 A beautiful nursery teacher who fell in love with 86 at first sight ♡ “Now he’s my partner♪” | MOBY [モビー]

A special feature that introduces “car lovers” who enjoy car life and love cars. MOBY asked car lovers all over the country about their favorite cars, hobbies, date spots they want to go by car, and more! Please check it out♪

Today’s CarLOVER!! Sachu-san (25 years old)

Q.Please tell us about your favorite car.

86 GTlimited (early term)!

Q. What was the decisive factor in choosing that car?

I was in the middle of a pile-up accident, and when the car was scrapped, I needed to change cars in a hurry, so I wanted to get a sedan car, but my father recommended a sports car and I fell in love with the 86 at first sight!

At the time, I wasn’t very interested in cars, so I bought it just because it looked cool, but now I’m a big fan of cars! Thank you father! (Laughs) I bought it as normal and played around with it until now!

Q. When did you get your driver’s license? Since when have you been driving?

I got my driving license in 2016!

Q. Do you have a favorite car manufacturer?

Only TOYOTA wins!

Q. Please tell us about your favorite car history.

Cube (rider) → 86

Q.Do you have a dream car that you want to drive someday?

I also like the 4WD system, and I think the Tundra is cool! I want to ride Silvia too!

Q.When do you usually drive?

I ride every day! buddy 🤍

Q. Please tell us about your usual hobbies and hobbies using cars.

Now I’m doing my best on Instagram with car dirt! For that reason, my hobbies are taking pictures and touring with my car friends!

After all it is fun to run with several! I also love trucks and watch them on PA/SA! I liked it so much that I got my license! (smile)

Q.Is there any maintenance or care that you usually do?

It was washed beautifully 👍🏽 I had it polished once!

Q. Please tell me the date spot you want to go by car.

I want to go to Chiba Fornia!

Q. What kind of topics do you want to talk about on a drive date?

About car love of course! (smile)

Q.Which song do you want to listen to while driving?

Kumi Koda’s Lick me (especially in summer)

Q. What is the gesture of the opposite sex that makes you unintentionally excited while driving?

After all, it is safe driving and MT driving technology!

Q.What kind of car do you want your favorite person to drive?

I have a low car, so it’s a large car that I can ride comfortably. Prado, Jeep and more!

CarLOVER’s Profile

  • Name: Sachu
  • Age: 25 years old
  • Occupation: Nursery teacher
  • Birthplace: Hyogo Prefecture
  • Favorite car: 86 ZN6
  • Favorite driving spot: Michi-no-Eki Mitsu, near Maiko Park

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