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If the water exceeds the height of the floor, it is treated as being submerged.

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When a large amount of rain falls in a short period of time due to typhoons, torrential downpours, or the occurrence of linear precipitation belts, the drainage capacity of the roads cannot keep up with the situation and flooding may occur.

When driving on a flooded road, you have to be careful about the depth of the water.

If a car is submerged in water up to the height of the floor (bottom edge of the door) or higher, it will be treated as “submerged”, and various problems such as water intrusion into the engine and failure of the electrical system may occur.

Do you know the impact of the degree of inundation?

The engine may stop at a depth of 30cm

In the “flooded road driving test” conducted by JAF using a 2,000cc class sedan, it was able to run up to a flooded road with a water depth of 30 cm, but the engine stopped completely at a water depth of 60 cm.

Even at a depth of 30cm, the water and the waves generated by the vehicle may flood the engine through the air intake. .

Reasons why you should never flood your car

Not just submerged! Fire risk is really scary

Also, submerged cars are frightening not only because they can lead to various breakdowns and costly repairs, but also because they can cause vehicle fires.

Even if the vehicle engine is turned off, the battery is still connected, so a short circuit in the electrical system could cause a fire or the vehicle to burst into flames.

This fire can also occur the moment the engine is started after the water has receded. Therefore, it is very dangerous to start the engine of a car that has been submerged in water to check if it is still intact.

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