Cool and attractive Honda “Vezel e:HEV Modulo X” released in November 2022 | Latest car information

Honda’s “Vezel”Modulo X model based on“Vezel e:HEV Modulo X” is released.What kind of evolution has “Vezel”, which has been about a year and a half since its release? It was exhibited at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022, which will be held from January 14th to January 16th, 2022.

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About the Modulo X model “Vezel e:HEV Modulo X”

Modulo X aims to provide a wide range of customers with the true enjoyment of driving, where the car reacts to the lines you envisioned on various road surfaces.A complete model that has been fine-tuned by skilled engineers with a focus on human senses.

In terms of driving performance, in order to achieve the “high quality and supple driving” that the Modulo brand has cultivated, a special suspension and aero parts that take into account aerodynamic characteristics pursue a stable and flat ride when going straight and turning.

The exterior has a black-based Modulo X design with a strong presence, and uses a dedicated front grille and a dedicated aero bumper. The dedicated aero bumper and aero lower garnish adopted around the rear also contribute to improved driving performance.

New Vezel Modulo X Exterior

Dedicated front grill

Dedicated front aero bumper

Dedicated front aero lower garnish

Dedicated rear aero bumper

Dedicated rear aero lower garnish

Modulo X exclusive emblem

Dedicated suspension

Exclusive 18-inch aluminum wheels

New Vezel Modulo X Interior

exclusive black interior

Dedicated front sports seat (dedicated frame/Prime Smooth x Lux Suede®*2/Modulo X logo/with seat heater function)

Exclusive rear seat (Ultrasuede® x synthetic leather)

Dedicated floor carpet mat (premium type/with Modulo X aluminum emblem)

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Honda New Vezel “VEZEL e:HEV Modulo X” added Released in November 2022
Honda has a lineup of Modulo X models based on the new “Vezel” and will release “VEZEL e:HEV Modulo X” in November 2022.[About the new Vezel e:HEV Modulo X]…

What I think about the new “Vezel e:HEV Modulo X”

For Honda, “Vezel” is a crossover SUV that is the mainstay in the Japanese market and is a model with high sales power.The “Vezel”, which has evolved normally as Honda, has become a more attractive model by further customizing the “Modulo X”.The “Vezel e:HEV Modulo X” is definitely recommended for those who have been riding the “Vezel” and those who are considering purchasing it.

About the new Vezel

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