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Picked up after 4 months of repairs… Fired up half a day later

A report was posted on Instagram that a Toyota GR86, which had been returned from a four-month repair, caught fire half a day after it was picked up.

In the report, a picture of the burning GR86 andA brief history is provided.

The driver of this GR86 said, “I have had this car at a Toyota dealership for four months in service. Twelve hours after I picked it up this morning, I got off the highway and turned the street into my face. The flames have risen,” he reported.

Follow-up on the 10th anniversary car of GR86

Where did the fire start in the engine room?

The reported vehicle is one of the popular colors, bright blue. In fact, Toyota GR86 shares many body colors with Subaru BRZ, but this bright blue is a limited color that is only set for GR86! It’s an unbelievable flame of a pretty cool new GR86, but what is the cause?

As far as the image is concerned, it seems that the engine caught fire, but the details of the flames and the detailed cause have not yet been clarified.

Various users, including owners of the new GR86, exchanged opinions on this phenomenon on social media.

Did a “thermal runaway” occur where flames spread all at once?

Fire caused by running out of oil?Some say

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The details of the repairs and the cause of the fire have not been clarified, but some speculate that it may be related to the engine blow that occurred in the GR86, which has become a hot topic the other day.

The GR86 has been reported on SNS etc. to run out of oil due to excessively applied and peeled sealant material clogging the oil pipe.

One of the causes of vehicle fires is poor circulation of engine oil, so it is said that this may have been the cause of the flames.

Vehicle flames of the new GR86 to be worried aboutAs soon as we have new information aboutsequentiallyI will tell you.

Warranty not applicable as evidence of “posting on SNS during sports driving”

Investigation of cause of engine blow of GR86 started

Is the cause the seal packing of the oil pan? can i fix it myself?

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