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Hideaki Anno, who is gaining more and more presence in the anime and special effects world, is involved in the “Shin XX” series, which is a grand-scale reboot of a former masterpiece. , Next seems to be Shin Kamen Rider.

Although it seems that there will be plenty of piggybacking things, there are not many people who can follow the thorough creation and reconstruction of the world view, which is different from the so-called “part 2 things” and “parallel world things”.

However, here I dared to take advantage of it, and I thought about the delusion of reviving the car that everyone likes in the present age, “Shin ○○ who rebooted that famous car” in my own way.

Shin Trad Sunny (Nissan, 6th generation Sunny, 1985)

Did you come to like Nissan so much, Ultraman?

“Trad Sunny” Nissan Sunny 1600 Twin Cam VR (6th generation)

It is a 5-number sedan that is now about the Corolla Axio and Mazda training car (MAZDA2 sedan), but it has abolished the fancy design such as the elaborate design that European and American tastes like, and pursued the functional beauty of space efficiency like Suzuki Every and Toyota Hiace. If it is a thin 5 number sedan for.

When you think about it, what comes to mind is the FF sixth generation B12 series Sunny, commonly known as the “Trad Sunny”, which has an extremely square boxy style, along with the fourth generation E70 series Corolla (1979).

People who want a family car anyway will buy a minivan, SUV, or light car, and sports cars can be roadsters or Civic Type R as you like.

If you can revive the “Shin Trad Sunny”, which is an old but new concept, with e-POWER, you may have users who say, “Did you like Nissan so much?”

Shin Impreza WRX (Subaru First generation Impreza 1992)

5 number small lightweight high power 4WD turbo, my favorite word

Subaru Impreza WRX (1st generation) driving hard in the 1996 Acropolis Rally ©STI

Starting around the Lancer Evolution V, a 2-liter class 4WD sports car is essential for turning performance, stability in high-speed corners, and wide treads if you want to wear thick tires. It’s also eel climbing.

It goes without saying that the fastest car is the fastest, but it’s not always the case that it’s the “most fun car”. , I think you remember the first generation Impreza WRX that accelerates lightly.

Of course, even if we were to build a similar car today, it wouldn’t be possible to beat the GR Yaris. Isn’t it “shrink and grow”?

Sin City CR-i (Honda, 2nd generation City, 1988)

Today’s course is a four-wheel drive, a word I’m not good at.

Honda City CZ-i (late 2nd generation)

For me, a former gymkhana driver, what was interesting when I was active was the side turns (spin turns) and tight corners on the R, and the course settings where the fastest line was very narrow and limited. Killing,” murmured throughout the paddock.

In other words, it was a day when 2WD drivers had more fun than 4WD drivers who set times with their power and traction, and 2WD drivers were more excited.

In particular, the late 2nd generation GA2 electronically controlled injection specification is powerful enough for a lightweight body, and the crouching style with an extremely low roof, which was the cause of its failure as a practical vehicle, allows for ferocious turning performance that does not underestimate any lateral G force. demonstrated.

However, even for the author who was fighting in the Storia X4, it was a bittersweet experience on the course that GA2 City is good at.

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