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Jimny limited edition produced by Suzuki’s local subsidiary in Brazil

Suzuki Jimny Sierra 4SPORT (Brazil)

Suzuki’s local subsidiary in Brazil set and released a special specification car “Jimny Sierra 4SPORT” limited to 100 units for Jimny Sierra.

Jimny Sierra 4SPORT produced in Brazil is finished as a vehicle specialized for off-road from the standard Jimny Sierra, with exclusive equipment inside and outside.

eh? From Toyota? Will there be an OEM Jimny model?

Genuine custom to full-fledged off-roader

The Jimny Sierra 4SPORT is equipped with special parts such as a carrier, snorkel, rock slider, and special decals added on the roof that make it different from the regular Jimny Sierra. Even in the interior, light blue is used as an accent color for stitching.

It debuted as a tough SUV designed for driving on rocks and waterfronts. It is a special Jimny Sierra that will be sold in Brazil, but it seems that there are voices wishing to sell it in other regions.

The water is really scary… Is it safe with Jimny Sierra 4SPORT?

The predecessor Jimny 4SPORT is also good!

Suzuki Jimny 4SPORT (Brazil)

Suzuki’s local subsidiary in Brazil has developed “4SPORT” for the predecessor model, and this model also debuted as a model equipped with many exclusive parts.

Jimny is loved not only in Japan but also in Asian countries such as India, Europe, North America, and South America, but the unique specifications of these regions may also make its popularity strong.

See all images of the Jimny & Jimny Sierra 4SPORT available in Brazil

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