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“Sunday drivers” increase on the highway during consecutive holidays


Every year during the long holidays, people talking about SNS, etc., are unconsciously annoying driving by so-called “Sunday drivers”.

Depending on the situation, it may be a violation of the Road Traffic Law or lead to a serious accident. If you don’t point it out, you won’t notice that your driving is a nuisance.

In addition to Sunday drivers, there are also those who claim to be good drivers but are not. Let’s check what kind of driving is NG driving on the highway.

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5 Actions to Watch out for on the Expressway

  1. continue to drive slowly in the passing lane
  2. I accelerated to move to the passing lane, but I lost sight of the timing and hit the brakes.
  3. The same amount of pressing the accelerator pedal on a slope as on a flat road
  4. Turn signals and hazard lights remain on after merging or changing lanes
  5. During traffic jams, the distance between the vehicle and the vehicle in front is shortened more than necessary or pushed.

The points to be especially careful about on expressways are “running lane”, “lane movement/merging”, and “driving speed”. If you keep this in mind, you can drive smoothly and prevent traffic jams.

The eight actions I listed this time are actions that occur because the above points are not suppressed. I will explain how to be careful not to do these acts.

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