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A test car of the new Fairlady Z with a different face was witnessed

A development vehicle with camouflage on Nissan’s new Fairlady Z was witnessed overseas.

This development vehicle with a front bumper that can be seen through the camouflage that it has a different shape from the new Fairlady Z that has already been released may be the high performance version of the new Fairlady Z “Fairlady Z NISMO” ..

Is the roadster a big makeover? !!

High performance version “Z NISMO”?

The filmed footage showed the new Fairlady Z without camouflage, the predecessor Fairlady Z, the Toyota GR Supra for some reason, and the camouflaged new Fairlady Z development vehicle.

There seems to be a difference in the opening of the front bumper between the new Fairlady Z and the development vehicle, and the development vehicle has a wider grille.

This is because it is thought that the cooling efficiency and aerodynamic performance have been improved, so the commercial model based on this developed vehicle is a high performance version with higher sports performance than the normal new Fairlady Z, that is, ” The possibility of being a Fairlady Z NISMO cannot be denied.

What will happen to the new Z NISMO? Prediction CG close to the correct answer

Test cars have been witnessed before

The other day, the development vehicle of the new Fairlady Z was witnessed, and this was taken from the side instead of the front.

The test car that was previously witnessed also had camouflage applied to the front bumper like this time, but from its shape, it is a development vehicle based on the “Fairlady Z Customized Prototype” exhibited at Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 etc. It will be considered.

Since the test car witnessed this time also has a front bumper with a pattern similar to the “Fairlady Z customized proto”, Nissan may release customized parts based on the Fairlady Z customized proto instead of the Fairlady Z NISMO. not.

The race car “Nissan Z Racing Concept” was announced at the NAPAC Fuji SUPER TEC 24-hour race held in June 2022. Since Nissan Motorsports & Customize also handles this, it is highly likely that the Nissan Z Racing Concept will be the base for the Fairlady Z NISMO.

“Nissan Z Racing Concept” released!

Fairlady Z with a different face debuts as an aftermarket part?

It’s Z…the rest is up to you…Skyline is over

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