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The construction method using a panel with heat insulating material sandwiched between FRP and aluminum plates has good performance and high productivity.

However, the drawback is that they tend to have similar designs.

“I want a camping trailer, but I don’t have a design I like.”

The new model introduced this time, which has a unique background, was born from such a problem, “Then let’s make it!”Effect MageofX-cabinis.

Prioritize design above all else

The body of the X-cabin isJoining aluminum plates with rivetsStructure to do. Moreover, it is made by a very time-consuming construction method that keeps the easy-to-work blind rivets to the minimum necessary and makes heavy use of good-looking solid shank rivets.

The four corners of the roof and the fenders are three-dimensional curved surfaces. Because press processing cannot be used for small-lot production,Handmade with “craftsmanship” called spinning spinningHas been done.

To be honest, the attention to detail is at the level of “I don’t know unless I look closely” & “I don’t know unless I look at it by someone who knows”.

Everything is for the “cool” that the creator envisions.

The size isLength 4520mm x Width 2110mm x Height 2160mm. As a camping trailer, the overall height is a little low, but I am afraid that this is also the result of pursuing the balance between comfort and design to the last minute.

On the other hand, the chassis is made by German company AL-KO, which is used all over the world.Guaranteed reliability and running performanceis.

The motif is the cabin of a yacht

Of course, the attention to detail is also reflected in the interior design.

As mentioned above, the indoor height becomes lower because the overall height is lower. ButYacht cabin motifThe simple wood-based interior creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

The layout is to combine box units as you like to make a sofa or bed,Free layout method.It is a completely one-room style without a toilet or multi-room.

The boxes that form the furniture areStorageSince it also serves as a storage space, it also compensates for the lack of ceiling storage.

Since each box is fixed with screws, there is no problem in vehicle inspection.

The kitchen at the rear is also a unit type, and it can be accessed not only indoors but also from outside the car by opening the tailgate.

MoreoverYou can take the whole unit out and use it as an “outdoor kitchen”Therefore, it is an irresistible specification for outdoor cooking lovers.

A new camping trailer, X-cabin, that pursues high design and functionality.

Due to the time-consuming construction method, the price is 4.7 million (including tax), which is not cheap for a trailer. However, it can be said that the craftsmanship that goes through even the smallest details is worth it.

Builder: Effect Mage
Type: Trailer
Price: ¥4,700,000 (tax included)
Sleeping capacity: 3 adults
Overall length 4520mm
Width 2110mm
Overall height 2160mm
No towing license required
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Writer: Ryusei Watanabe

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