Daihatsu New Taft Special Edition “Dark Chrome Venture” Setting Announced on July 27, 2022 Pre-orders started

On July 27, 2022, Daihatsu released information on the new special edition “Dark Chrome Venture” of the light crossover “Taft” scheduled to be released in the fall of 2022, and started pre-orders.

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Daihatsu New Taft special specification car “Dark Chrome Venture” setting

The new special specification car “Dark Chrome Venture” will be tougher in addition to the special specification car “Chrome Venture” released in May 2021.Newly set “Dark Chrome Venture” with dark black plating, gun metallic paint, and black mica metallic decoration.. Three additional colors, including the base model, are added to the earth color: a new ceramic green metallic, a chrome gray metallic that feels powerful, and a laser blue crystal shine. In addition, it also supports the evolution of the times, such as setting a 9-inch smartphone-linked display audio that supports voice recognition functions and wireless connections.

Daihatsu New Taft Special Specification Car “Dark Chrome Venture” Dealer Option

Hood emblem (dark black plating)

Roof carrier (classic type) (black)

Emblem set (dark black plating), rear name emblem, 2-piece set of D mark, etc.

Daihatsu New Taft Special Edition “Dark Chrome Venture” Body Color

Lake blue metallic

Ceramic green metallic

forest khaki metallic

sand beige metallic

Compagno Red

laser blue crystal shine

Shining white pearl

chrome gray metallic

Black mica metallic

Daihatsu New Taft Special Specification Car “Dark Chrome Venture” Spec

spec New Taft
New Taft
full length 3,395mm 3,395mm
Width 1,475mm 1,475mm
Height 1,630mm 1,630mm
Wheelbase 2,460mm 2,460mm
Minimum ground clearance 190mm 190mm
engine 658cc straight 3 DOHC
658cc straight 3 DOHC
turbo engine
Maximum output 38kW (52ps) /
47kW (64ps)/
Maximum torque 60Nm (6.1kgm) /
3,600 rpm
100Nm (10.2kgm) /
3,600 rpm
transmission CVT CVT
Drive system 2WD (FF) / 4WD 2WD (FF) / 4WD
JC08 mode fuel consumption 25.7km/L (2WD)
-km / L (4WD)
25.4km/L (2WD)
-km / L (4WD)
WLTC mode fuel economy 20.5km/L (2WD)
19.7km/L (4WD)
20.2km/L (2WD)
19.6km/L (4WD)
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