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The development vehicle of the new Swift was witnessed

Current Swift

A development vehicle that seems to be the next model of Suzuki’s compact hatchback “Swift” was witnessed overseas.

The current Swift is the 4th generation that debuted in 2016. Current production is in India and Thailand in addition to Japan. The vehicle witnessed this time is likely to be Indian specification from the license plate.

Features that can be read from the development vehicle


First of all, the wheel you see is painted black, but you can see that it has the same design as the current Swift mentioned at the beginning.

It is covered with a strict camouflage as a whole, and it is not possible to fully grasp the detailed design. However, the shape of the bonnet seems to be more exciting than the current one, and the C-pillar seems to have been changed. The position of the door mirrors does not seem to change.


The roof has a gentle slope, and you can see the parts that seem to be pole antennas as they are now. However, the antenna is only at the base, and the tip is removed.

The position lamp in the center of the rear bumper is currently equipped on higher grades. Since the wheels mentioned above are the same, it is expected that this developed vehicle will be of a grade equivalent to the current “HYBRID SZ”.

Will a full model change be implemented soon?

From the first generation to the present, Swift changes generations every 6 years. If this is the case, it is highly likely that a full model change will be implemented soon.

It will be the fastest in terms of time, by the end of the year, and by the first half of 2023 at the latest.

There is a possibility that Swiss Po will disappear if it is the next model

Swift sports

What is worrisome is the existence of the sporty specification “Swift Sport” that was set from the middle of the first generation, but there is a good possibility that it will not appear due to the influence of noise regulation and CAFE regulation. In fact, even in the new Alto released in December last year, Alto Works was not set because it is difficult to comply with the law.

The debut of the new Swift Sport that car lovers want to expect. We will inform you as soon as a follow-up report is available.

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