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The “Pink Crown” that made a surprise appearance at the recital is now a special specification car

Toyota Crown (14th generation model) special specification car “ReBORN PINK”

Toyota released the 14th generation Crown on December 25, 2012. With “CROWN Re BORN” as the catch phrase, we have refined the excellent ride quality and high quietness that are the essence of the Crown.

It was announced on July 26, 2013 that we will receive an order for a limited time as a special specification car for the crown wrapped in pink body color, which was a surprise production at this crown presentation.

Toyota’s new Crown is the world premiere

Special specification car “ReBORN PINK” that adopted the new color “Momotaro”

Toyota Crown (14th generation model) special specification car “ReBORN PINK”

The special specification car of the crown that adopts the newly developed bright pink body color “Momotaro” is the hybrid 2WD “Athlete G” ReBORN PINK “” and the 2.5L gasoline 4WD-based “Athlete G”. i-Four “ReBORN PINK” ”is developed.

The order acceptance period is one month from September 1st to September 30th, 2013, and production is scheduled to start in December 2013.

In “ReBORN PINK”, the interior is specially designed in addition to the body color, and a new color white is set for the genuine leather seat skin, door ornament, center console, front center armrest, seat belt, and instrument panel upper. In addition, pink accents are used for steering ornaments, power switches, floor mat stitching, etc. to create a special interior.

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price is 6,000,000 yen (tax included) for “Athlete G” ReBORN PINK “” and 5,700,000 yen (tax included) for “Athlete G i-Four” ReBORN PINK “”.

Suddenly postponed the release! Is Toyota slapstick behind the announcement?

Received an order for about 650 units in a month

Toyota Crown (14th generation model) special specification car “ReBORN PINK”

On October 2, 2013, Toyota received orders for a limited time from September 1st to September 30th, 2013 for a limited time. Crown’s special specification car “Athlete G” ReBORN PINK “”, “Athlete Announced that the total number of orders for G i-Four “ReBORN PINK” was about 650 units.

Of these, 610 were hybrid 2WD “Athlete G” ReBORN PINK “” and the remaining 40 were “Athlete G i-Four” ReBORN PINK “”.

In addition to the newly developed pink body color “Momotaro”, the clear contrast between white and black and the special interior with pink stitching were also mentioned as popular points.

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Latest “Crown” used car information

Today’s stock

120 units

Average price 130Ten thousand yen
Base price 230,000 to 3.96 million yen

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