Mazda New CX-5 2023 US Model “Rhodium White Premium Metallic” Adopted Announced on July 26, 2022

Mazda made an annual improvement of the “CX-5” and announced the 2023 model in the United States on July 26, 2022 (local time).

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Mazda New CX-5 2023 US Model

Mazda adopts its own special paint color “Rhodium White Premium Metallic”.. Mazda’s “i-Activ AWD” is standard equipment on all Mazda CX-5 models.

Special paint color “Rhodium White Premium Metallic”

The “Rhodium White Premium Metallic,” which has been announced to be used in the new SUV “CX-60,” will also be used in the CX-5.

Based on the themes of soul-moving design, “Japanese beauty” and “the aesthetics of subtraction,” it is a combination of pure whiteness with no unpleasant taste and a metallic texture that emphasizes the expression of shadows on the surface with fine grain texture. feature. The third installment following Soul Red Crystal Metallic and Machine Gray Premium Metallic. By evolving Takumi-nuri, we have succeeded in mass-producing colors with excellent expressiveness using only three layers: a clear layer, a reflective layer, and a color layer (coloring layer). For the color layer (color development layer), a newly developed white pigment is used to express silky fine whiteness. The color layer (color development layer) expresses silky fine whiteness with a newly developed white pigment. In the past, white-based colors tended to show through the base and the coating film tended to be thicker than other colors, but by adopting a newly developed pigment, the thickness of the coating film has been reduced by about 30% compared to the conventional color. Resource saving and CO in the production process2Contributes to emission reduction.

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New CX-5 minor change (significant improvement) 2021 model

Mazda’s “CX-5” minor change Significant improvement(Annual improvement) will be announced in Japan on November 8, 2021, and will be released in December.This “CX-5” is equipped with many of the equipment used in the higher-end model “CX-8”. A new front grill is used for the exterior to give an impression and a sense of luxury. Adopt more subdivided “ALH adaptive LED headlights”. Equipped with a power lift gate with hands-free function used in the “CX-8”. Set up wireless charging (Qi). Luggage room capacity is 550L (up 73L). Incorporating the concept of the vehicle structure technology “SKYACTIV-VEHICLE ARCHITECTURE”, we aim for exercise performance with less fatigue even when driving for a long time, and further improve comfort and quietness. Abolished the body color “Titanium Flash Mica”. Add a new color “Zircon Sand Metallic”. Two special specification cars added, becoming a sports model “Sports Appearance“Is set. Off-road model “Field JorneyIs equipped with all-season tires as standard equipment. Depending on the driving scene, the driving mode can be switched arbitrarily with a single switch operation.MAZDA INTELLIGENT DRIVE SELECT (Mi-DRIVE)Is newly adopted.

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New CX-5 special specification car “Sports Appearance”

A design with red accents that stimulates the sports mind of mature adults by putting the whole body in black. The exterior is tightened in black with a deep luster to the front grille, signature wing, lower bumper, wheel arch, garnish under the door, and door mirrors. The wheels also use black metallic paint 19 inches. The red accent on the front grille is the classic red of the original Roadster. The interior uses black leather seats, steering, and passionate red stitching around the doors and shifts.

New CX-5 special specification car “Field Jorney”

The special exterior expresses the toughness of nature that is comparable to the strength and strength of nature. In addition to the silver-painted front and rear bumper center garnish and side garnish, black door mirrors and gray metallic painted 17-inch aluminum wheels are used. All-season tires are standard equipment. The interior uses lime green, which was used to accent the front grille, for seat stitching, piping, and air-conditioning louvers. Reversible board is used in the luggage room. Set off-road mode for Mi-DRIVE.

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Mazda New CX-5 Major Improvement (Minor Change) Added Two Special Edition Vehicles Announced on November 8, 2021
Mazda will make a minor change to the “CX-5” (annual improvement), announce it in Japan on November 8, 2021, and start selling it in December. The teaser site for the product improvement model will be on October 1, 2021 …

About the new CX-5 specs





full length 4,545mm 4,545mm 4,545mm
Full width 1,840mm 1,840mm 1,840mm
Overall height 1,690mm 1,690mm 1,690mm
Wheelbase 2,700 mm 2,700 mm 2,700 mm
engine SKYACTIV-G 2.0
2.0L in-line 4-cylinder
2.2L 4-cylinder
Direct injection turbo
diesel engine
2.5L 4-cylinder direct injection
gasoline engine
Maximum output 114kW (155PS) /
6,000 rpm
140kW (190PS) /
4,500 rpm
140kW (190PS) /
6,000 rpm
Maximum torque 196Nm (20.0kgm) /
4,000 rpm
450Nm (45.9kgm) /
2,000 rpm
251Nm (25.6kgm) /
3,250 rpm
transmission 6-speed AT 6-speed AT 6-speed AT
Drive system 2WD 2WD (FF) / 4WD 2WD (FF) / 4WD
Riding capacity Five people Five people Five people
JC08 mode fuel economy 16.0km / L 2WD car 19.0km / L /
4WD vehicle 18.0km / L
2WD car 14.8km /
4WD vehicle 14.2km / L

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