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GR Yaris suspends orders

GR Yaris

An interview with a Toyota dealer revealed that orders for the Toyota GR Yaris had been suspended since July 2022.

Is it due to the long delivery time again?

Estimated delivery date of GR Yaris listed on Toyota official website (as of July 19, 2022)

It seems that the suspension of orders this time is also due to the increasing delivery time. The reasons for the longer delivery time are the delay in production due to the shortage of semiconductors and the combined popularity of the original model.

The delivery date of GR Yaris is “Please contact the store” on the official website, and when I contacted the store, it seems that the latest delivery time was 17 months (1 year and 5 months).

I can’t say “I don’t mind if the delivery time is long”

Some may wonder if it’s best to sell it to users who say it’s okay to have a long delivery time. However, in recent years there have been circumstances that have not been so.

The reason is that it complies with laws and regulations such as noise regulations and exhaust gas regulations. If the delivery date is too long, there is a possibility that the next partial improvement or minor change will come. If the regulation comes into effect after the improvement including the regulation, the non-regulation model ordered before the improvement cannot be produced. If you can’t make an order even if you receive it, you have no choice but to stop the order.

Recently, Harrier has been forced to cancel some of the orders he had received for the reasons mentioned above.

Sales resumption and new debut are undecided

At this time, there is no information on when to resume accepting orders for GR Yaris or some improved models. First of all, it will be an immediate task to produce the orders received at the moment.

Until now, there was a period to sell only stock cars before improvement, but if it takes time to deliver any car and there is no stock car, the next model will debut in the future. You may not be able to buy the current model for about a year just before you do.

However, this situation is affected not only by the automobile industry but also by problems occurring throughout the world, so it is a problem that cannot be solved by the efforts of manufacturers alone. It seems that dealers who are directly involved with customers are also struggling.

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