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What are the various expressions of model changes that often appear when looking at information related to automobiles on the Internet? And solve your worries clearly!

Definition of words

There are four main words that indicate a car model change. The basic definitions are summarized in a list. (It is just a basic definition, not officially defined by the legal system, etc.)

Full model change Model change to the next-generation model that changes the “model”
Minor change “Model” does not change Design change, specification change
Big minor change Literally a major minor change
Next new model Same as full model change
Improved new model Same as minor change

If you have a clear solution in this list, please see the article that summarizes the forecast of new models that will debut this year.

What is “model”?

You can read either “Katashiki” or “Keishiki”. The model of an automobile is determined when the automobile manufacturer reports it to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism before designing and marketing a new model. This “model” is listed on the vehicle verification.

When the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism receives a notification of type approval for a new model vehicle, it checks whether it complies with the security standards set by the government.

In the case of a full model change or a completely new model, the country must recognize the basic structures such as the engine and brakes that are essential for safe driving. On the other hand, minor changes do not affect safe driving, such as design changes that do not change the basic structure of the car, so there is no need to have the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism approve the type.

What is a big minor change?

The degree of design change for minor changes varies depending on the model. Some cars ask, “What has changed?”, While others feel like, “Eh? It’s a full model change, right?”

A big minor change means that a major design change is made without changing the basic structure of the car such as the engine and platform, but this is not the case. In some cases, the engine may be changed to a new design while keeping the apparent design. In this case, the above-mentioned “model” will be changed, so it will be a full model change by definition, but since the design will not change, it will be irregular.

It is safe to say that whether or not to use the term big minor change is decided by a rather sensory factor. Depending on the media, it may or may not be used.

Even if the car name changes, it may not be a full model change

For example, Mazda has recently changed its car name with a minor change. Demio changed the car name to “Mazda2” and Atenza changed the car name to “Mazda6”. However, Axela was a full model change when the car name was changed to “Mazda3”. It’s complicated.

Mazda 3
(Image: MOBY editorial department)

With a full model change, the “generation” will change.

Cars that have undergone full model changes many times are referred to as “◯ generation” and “◯ generation”. In the English-speaking world, it is expressed as “generation”, or “gen” for short. Generations do not change with minor changes.

The term “next new model” is used because this generation is involved.

Before and after minor changes made in one generation are called “early model” and “late model”

Minor changes are usually made once per generation, and at most twice. When distinguishing between before and after minor changes in one generation, the terms “early type” and “late type” are used. If minor changes are made twice, it is called “early model”-> “mid-term model”-> “late model”.

e? Is this a minor change? There is a car called.

Recently, the editorial department has made a minor change like a full model change, “Mitsubishi Delica D: 5”.

The image below is the design before the minor change. Pay attention to the front mask.

Mitsubishi Delica D: 5
(Image: Mitsubishi Motors Public Relations)

The image below is after a minor change in February 2019.

(Image: MOBY editorial department)

How about. The transformation of the front mask! However, if you look closely, the area behind the A pillar hasn’t changed.

Such a design change only around the front is called “face lift” in the automobile industry. Also, this improvement of Delica D: 5 corresponds to “Big Minor Change”.

The model is “3DA-CV1W” for the diesel engine / CVT model before and after the minor change. By the way, the Delica D: 5 gasoline engine model continues to be sold without any minor changes.

e! Actually, it was a full model change! There is also a car called.

On the contrary, there are also cars that ask, “Is it actually a full model change?” Recently, it is the SUV “Discovery Sport” produced and sold by the British brand “Land Rover” specializing in four-wheel drive vehicles.

The image below is before the model change.

The image below is a new model that was remodeled in November 2019.

Comparing the images before and after the model change, there is no big difference. What has changed is the headlights, the design of the air intakes on both sides of the bumper, and the press line at the bottom of the body side. The character line that is horizontal to the ground that penetrates the front grill and the front and rear doorknobs on the body side is the same.

At the time of the announcement of the new Discovery Sport, Jaguar Land Rover did not directly say that it was a “full model change” but said that it was a “2020 model with a completely redesigned exterior and enhanced interior texture.”

There is no big difference in appearance, but the content has changed significantly in Discovery Sport. The basic structure and platform of the car have been changed to the latest. Changing the platform will have a great impact on the driving and riding comfort of the car. The new Discovery Sport offers better driving performance and higher body rigidity.

As for the model, the gasoline engine model has changed from “DBA-LC2XB” to “5BA-LC2XC”, and the diesel engine model has changed from “LDA-LC2NB” to “3DA-LC2NC”.

When the MOBY editorial staff met with a Jaguar Land Rover spokeswoman, after the announcement of the new Discovery Sport, the operator of the used car information site said, “Is it a full model change? Is the model changed?” I heard that you received an inquiry from.

By the way, when we check whether it is a full model change or a minor change, our editorial department also checks by looking at the model.

The above is the difference between the “full model change / next new model” and the “minor change / improved new model” and the explanation of the automobile terminology of the “big minor change”. As mentioned above, please continue to read the article that summarizes the forecasts of new models and model changes that are likely to come out this year, referring to the glossary of this article.

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