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Van-dwelling, which has passed the boom and is becoming established as one of the new styles of leisure.

But it’s still a new way to playSome unmoral behavior is a problemIt may become.

In this article, I will return to the basics and introduce NG behavior while staying in the car.

By any chance“I was unknowingly violating manners.”Why don’t you check it again so that it doesn’t happen?

Such an act violates manners

First of all, when staying in the car, it seems to be featured in the newsViolation of manners lacking moralsWhat exactly is that?

✔︎ Set up tents and tarp tents in facility parking lots such as roadside stations
✔︎ Eat with tables and chairs in the parking lot of facilities such as roadside stations
✔︎ At a roadside station, stick out of the parking frame and put out a stepladder to climb the roof tent.
✔︎ Parked in a large truck space or a space for the physically challenged
✔︎ Use the parking space for 3 cars and park 2 cars with your friends
✔︎ Put out the side awning of the camper and use the parking frame for 2 cars
✔︎ Stay in the car in a place where there is a notice saying that staying in the car is prohibited
✔︎ Keep idling
✔︎ Use the generator in prohibited areas
✔︎ Leaving garbage (illegal dumping)
✔︎ Theft of toilet paper
✔︎ Steal electricity
✔︎ Use a part of the facility to dry the laundry
✔︎ Wash your hair, wash dishes, and prepare meals on the toilet washbasin.
✔︎ Wander around the facility in annoying fashion

And so on.

Why do you violate manners?

So why do you violate the above manners?

Beginners do not know manners / the times have changed

One of the reasons is the pattern of van-dwelling beginners who do not know manners.

This can be prevented by doing a preliminary check of the prohibitions before starting a van-dwelling.

Next, the times have changed.

This is a story I heard from a veteran who stays in the car.

“I used to be allowed …”

This is probably not.

The act has been a violation of manners since ancient timesIt seems that it was.

However, at that time, I think there were only a lot of people who tolerated it.

I want to keep good manners and enjoy myself at any time.

The purpose was to stay in the car

Van-dwelling should have been done on the way to the destination at least 15 years ago.

It is now a van-dwelling boom, and it is often seen that the purpose is van-dwelling itself.

If your goal is to stay in the car, it’s no wonder that you use various facilities such as roadside stations to make your stay more comfortable.

However, facilities such as roadside stations are not only used by people who want to stay in the car.

If you go to the facility’s toilet in the morning“I screamed involuntarily when I met someone who was wandering around in my underwear.”I have heard that.

This is the reporting level, isn’t it?

You can see that the tension rises when you go out.

I’m usually busy, and sometimes I go out and get excited.

I think I’m in such a good mood that I don’t even notice that I’ve taken it off a little.

I can understand my feelings very well.

However, even if the tension rises, if you do not have a certain manner and morals, you may unknowingly commit an illegal act.

At roadside stations and service areas / parking areas (SA / PA)Correct use of the facilityI have listed, so please check again if you like.

Correct use of facilities to avoid inconvenience while staying in the car

By the way, in the first place, of roadside stations and highwaysVan-dwelling in the service area / parking area (SA / PA) is prohibitedIt has been.

However, even on the website of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, do not lead to a traffic accident.Nap is OKIt has become.

① How to use the facility when staying in the car or taking a nap
Not only do you not bring facility equipment (toilet paper, etc.), but of course you are not allowed to steal electricity.

Use the facilities such as washbasins and toilets cleanly.

I don’t take it for granted that I can use the facility, and I don’t want to forget the feeling of gratitude to those who have prepared the facility.

② Pay particular attention to “fire”.
The most important thing to pay attention to is the handling of fire.

In addition to parking lots where fire is prohibited, take measures such as not placing anything that easily burns around the fire so that it will not lead to a fire when cooking in the car.

When using electrical equipment such as portable batteries, do not overload it and lead to an electric fire.

In addition, some portable batteries may catch fire in a car that gets hot.

Check the characteristics of the product before purchasing.

③ Do not leave garbage
Take your trash home with you.

Garbage will accumulate over the course of a car trip, so be sure to take measures to reduce the amount of garbage before your trip.

④ Use the parking frame correctly
Even if it is vacant, let’s park one car in one frame.

Also, please refrain from parking in different sizes or in priority parking slots.

⑤ Do not make noise
Especially idling in places where idling is prohibited is taboo.

I understand that you will want to start the engine with an air conditioner in the heat of summer and a heater in the cold of winter.

However, if you are going out on the premise of staying in the car, prepare heat measures and heating equipment that do not require you to start the engine before you leave.

The use of generators in prohibited areas is also strictly prohibited.

Be careful of noise even in places where it can be used.

Also, pay attention to opening and closing the door.

You don’t have to take a nap at night, but you need to be considerate of your surroundings, especially at quiet nights.

A van-dwelling spot at night where people taking a break to relieve fatigue gather.

The sound of opening and closing the door is quite loud, so open and close it quietly with the minimum number of times.

As with all everyday sounds, even in a camper that has been soundproofed, the voices that are raised at the banquet in the car tend to leak out.

Be aware that everyone outside the car is someone else.

⑥ Long-term stay is strictly prohibited
Freedom is the real pleasure of traveling by car, but no matter how much you like it, don’t stay for a long time.

Consecutive nights and long-term stays at roadside stations, highways and toll roads, which are public places for naps and rest, and long-term stays are NG acts.

⑦ Camping at roadside stations is NG
Do not camp at the roadside station, SA or PA parking lot.

Not only setting up tents, but also cooking and banquets with tables etc. are NG.

Let’s protect “van-dwelling”

If everyone follows the etiquette and stays in the car, sociallyVan-dwellingWill be recognized more than ever, and it should be possible to go on a car trip more conveniently and freely.

Let’s protect the new leisure of staying in the car by observing the manners of each person.

May your camper life be a wonderful everyday life.

Writer: Mutsumi Yamagata

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