I want you to sell it in Japan!Suzuki India New “Grand Vitara” Full Model Change Announced on July 20, 2022

Maruti Suzuki India announced on July 20, 2022 the “Grand Vitara”, which will be the first car name revival in about 7 years.The new “Grand Vitara” was developed by Suzuki, a global OEM mutual supply of vehicles, which is one of the collaborations based on the business alliance between Toyota Motor Corporation and Suzuki Motor Corporation. It is a new SUV that will start production. Production will start in August 2022, and in addition to sales in India, it is planned to be exported to Africa and other countries. Currently, there are no plans to sell it in Japan.

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About Suzuki India’s new “Grand Vitara”

Suzuki has developed the new “Grand Vitara” as the flagship of SUVs globally. By emphasizing the shoulder line and front and rear fenders, the exterior expresses the strength of an SUV, and adopts a characteristic 3-lamp LED lamp on the front, a chrome bar that connects the left and right lamps, and a polygonal grille.

The interior uses a rigid instrument panel and a thick console, giving the impression of a strong SUV, while the instrument panel and trim use synthetic leather with silver stitching in two-tone colors of Bordeaux and black. Adopting advanced equipment such as omnidirectional monitor and head-up display, compatible with the connected service “Suzuki Connect” developed by Maruti Suzuki in India, and adopting comfortable equipment such as wireless charger and air conditioner outlet in the back seat.

The mild hybrid and hybrid system “Intelligent Electric Hybrid” are introduced for the first time in India for the powertrain, and “ALL GRIP” for the first time in India, which allows easy selection of four driving modes with a dial, is adopted for 4WD specification vehicles.

What is Grand Vitara?

It was produced and sold as an overseas model of the Escudo (overseas name: Vitara) sold in Japan, but production will end in 2015 when the Escudo is fully remodeled to the 4th generation. In 2022, the model was revived for the first time in about seven years as a model produced in collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation.Currently, it is more sophisticated than the Escudo, and it seems worth selling the “Grand Vitara” in Japan as a high-end model.

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