What has changed with the new Nissan X-Trail full model change?Summary of old and new comparison points

Nissan will make a full model change of the “X-Trail” and release it on July 25, 2022. I tried to summarize the differences between the new model and the old model to see what will change.

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Changes common to the new Nissan X-Trail

The exterior isNew generation designNew “Nissan Emblem”Is adopted.

The interior is12.3-inch full LCD digital meter and 9-inch touch screen display for digital LCD meterAdopt and renew.

Renault-Nissan’s new platform “CMF (Common Module Family)“Is adopted.

Next-generation “e-POWER”The installed engine is “1.5L 3-cylinder gasoline engine turbo (VC)For 4WD modelsLatest electric technology “e-4 ORCE”Is adopted.

Driving support system “ProPilot”Is adopted.

Nissan New X-Trail Exterior New and Old Comparison

The body size is compact, 30 mm shorter, 20 mm lower, total length 4660 mm, total width 1840 mm, total height 1720 mm, the overall length is compact while maintaining the wide interior length, and the minimum turning radius is reduced by 0.2 m to 5.4 m. Renault-Nissan’s new platform “CMF (Common Module Family)Is adopted. Exterior design change, front and rear bumper design change. It features a large double “V motion grille” with LED daytime running lights mounted on the top of the split headlights.

Nissan New X-Trail Interior New and Old Comparison

New steering wheel in the interior,A 7-inch display and a 12.3-inch full LCD digital meter are set for the digital LCD meter.10.8 inch color heads-up display“It was adopted. Adopted a large latest infotainment system. A soft pad is used on the upper surface of the instrument panel to enhance the sense of quality. The “Nissan Connect Infotainment System” uses an 8-inch or 9-inch touch screen display compatible with “Apple CarPlay” and “Android Auto.” The center console is equipped with a small shifter knob for terrain setting, a rotary selector, and an electric parking brake and hold.The lineup includes 2-row 5-seater or 3-row 7-seater.

Nissan New X-Trail Engine Comparison

Comparing the engine lineup, the new “X-TRAIL” is equipped with the second-generation “e-POWER” that has evolved strength, smoothness, and quietness by renewing the newly developed motor and inverter. The engine that generates power adopts the variable compression ratio engine “VC turbo engine” that allows Nissan to freely change the compression ratio from 8 to 14, which Nissan succeeded in mass production for the first time in the world, and the VC turbo tuned for e-POWER. By adopting an engine, the output is greatly improved, and by suppressing the engine speed, it also contributes to fuel efficiency.

New X-TRAIL engine lineup

Equipped with the newly developed 2nd generation “e-POWER”. No other engine has been adopted.

Old model X-TRAIL engine lineup

The predecessor “X-TRAIL” adopts “2L in-line 4-cylinder DOHC engine” and “2L in-line 4-cylinder DOHC engine + motor”.

spec Predecessor X-Trail
Hybrid model
New X-Trail
full length 4,690mm 4,660mm
Full width 1,820mm 1,840mm
Overall height 1,730mm 1,725mm
Wheelbase 2,705mm 2,705mm
engine 2L in-line 4-cylinder
DOHC engine
+ Motor
In-line 3-cylinder DOHC 1.5 L
VC turbo
+ Motor
Model: EM57
Model MM48
Motor maximum output
30kW (41ps) 150kW / 4,501-7,422rpm
Motor maximum torque
160Nm (16.3kgm) 330Nm / 0-3505rpm
Motor maximum output
– – 100kW / 4,897-9,504rpm
Motor maximum torque
– – 195Nm / 0-4,897rpm
Maximum output 108kW (147ps) /
6,000 rpm
106kW /
4,400-5,000 rpm
Maximum torque 207Nm (21.1kgm) /
4,400 rpm
250Nm /
2,400-4,000 rpm
Drive system 2WD / 4WD 2WD / 4WD
Riding capacity 5 people 7 people 5 people 7 people
WLCT mode fuel economy – – 18.3km / L ~
18.4km / L
JC08 mode fuel economy 20.0km / L ~
20.8km / L
– –

Safety equipment comparison

The “360 ° Safety Assist,” which has higher functionality than its predecessor, consists of seven types of advanced driver assistance systems. “Intelligent Emergency Brake” “Misstepping Collision Prevention Assist” “Adaptive High Beam Assist / High Beam Assist” “Vehicle Detection Warning when Reversing RCTA” “Intelligent LI / LDW (Lane Departure Warning)” “RCTA Vehicle Detection Warning when Reversing” “Sign Detection” “Function” is adopted.

system Predecessor X-Trail New X-Trail
Emergency brake
Intelligent FCW
(Forward collision prediction warning)
High beam assist /
High beam assist
Vehicle detection warning when reversing
Intelligent LI / LDW
(Lane departure warning)
BSI (Rear Side Collision Prevention Support System) +
BSW (rear side vehicle detection warning)
Sign detection function
No-entry sign detection

No-entry sign detection
Maximum speed sign detection
Stop sign detection
Misstep collision prevention assist
Intelligent DA
(Wobble alarm)
– –
Around view monitor
(With moving object detection function)

Thinking about the new X-Trail

For Nissan, the “X-TRAIL” is a compact SUV in the Japanese market and has high sales power.This time, Nissan has achieved normal evolution, and by renewing everything from the exterior to the interior to the engine, it will be a model that feels evolution when riding more than it looks. It will be one that you can rely on due to the enhancement of safety equipment and the latest equipment in the interior.Even if you look at the models sold by Nissan cars, there is always a lineup of “e-POWER” models.“Note”, “Note Aura”, “Serena”, “Kicks”, etc., but this time, by installing the new “e-POWER”, the product value will be unprecedented. In addition, you can feel that you are riding the latest model by incorporating all the trends as a modern car such as an information display and a full LCD digital meter.

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