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Types of coatings that can be applied with a car wash machine and recommendations

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In the car wash machine, in addition to washing with water and washing with shampoo“Wax” “Water repellent” “Glass coat”You may be able to select a menu such as. Basically all these courses,Course to apply coating after car washis.

Wax coating

Wax coating will be a popular method for car wash machines.

If you select a course such as “Wax car wash” from the car wash menu, the body will be washed with shampoo and then wax will be applied to the surface of the body.

Similar to commercially available wax liquids, after washing the car, an “oil film” is formed on the body surface to prevent dirt. It will keep your car clean, avoiding dirt from rain and mud.

Depending on the shop where the car wash machine is installed (gas station, car wash, etc.), you can choose the menu from about 500 yen each time.

Of the three types introduced here, it is recommended for those who want to coat a car with a small budget.

Water repellent coating

Water repellent coating is a higher rank than wax coating and is a method with higher water repellency.

There are cases where the names and ingredients such as “foam blow” and “polymer coat” differ depending on the store where the car wash machine is installed. After performing normal car washing work, a coating agent containing silicone resin is applied to the body surface. The coating creates a protective coating.

The film that is made is said to be stronger than the components of the wax coating, and has the advantage of being less likely to stain the body for a long period of time.

The water-repellent coating depends on the shop where the car wash machine is installed, but it seems that there are many cases where you can choose the menu from about 1000 yen each time.

If you have a budget and want a longer-term effect than wax coating, we recommend water-repellent coating.

Glass coating

Glass coating is an advanced method over water repellent coating. In the menu set for the car wash, the case shown at the top stands out.

Notations such as “glass”, “prism”, and “premium” are used to enhance the durability of the coating and the gloss of the coating. After washing the car, a coating agent containing glass-based components is sprayed onto the body to form a film on the surface.

In the type explained this time, it seems that there are many cases where you can use it from about 2000 yen at a time with a high price setting in the menu of the car wash machine.

It is recommended for people who want to not only prevent the body surface from getting dirty but also maintain a glossy state, and those who are in special cars such as luxury cars and sports cars.

List of coatings that can be applied with a car wash machine

– – nature price durability
wax Oily 600 yen to 700 yen 1-2 weeks
Water repellent coat Resin From 1,000 yen 3-4 weeks
Glass coat Glass system From 2,000 yen One and a half to two and a half months

Considering the price and durability, it is better to have a glass coat every two months than to wash the car with wax every week.

Benefits of car wash coating

Car wash-coating is completed in a short time

Hand wash Car wash and manual coating can take over an hour. For those who don’t have the time, there are many benefits to using a car wash that can be completed in 10 to 20 minutes.

Cheaper than manual work

Especially in the case of glass coating, it may cost about 50,000 to 100,000 yen if you ask a specialty store for manual work. The glass coating of a car wash machine that can be installed from 2,000 yen is an exceptional price.

Disadvantages of car wash coating

Construction unevenness is possible

Construction with a car wash machine does not allow detailed work such as applying a coating agent according to the body shape that differs for each model.Since there are parts that cannot be coated (construction unevenness), it will be noticeable depending on the color and shape of the car.It may be.

Also, even at the car wash stage before construction, the car wash machine cannot be made cleaner than by hand.It will be coated over the remaining dirtThere is also a possibility.

Car wash scratches when repeated

Not limited to coatingIf you repeatedly wash the car with a car wash machine, the car wash will be scratched.Not only small scratches, but also scratches that appear to shine white in a circle, which can be noticeable.

Wax may stick to the window glass

Basically, not all body coatings can be applied to glass. For glass, use a coating agent for glass.

If the wax adheres to the glass part, it cannot be removed with car shampoo.Be careful with sunroof cars.

In addition, if the coating agent adheres to the windshield, it may cause cloudiness, the wiper to get caught, or chattering, which may interfere with driving on a rainy day.

Cars with guaranteed coating are NG

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Please note that you should not use a car wash machine at your own discretion if you are a dealer or a coating specialty store and have a professional coating applied. Coating with a car wash machine is also NG.

There are two reasons. First one isThe car wash will peel off the existing coatingFor. Car wash with a car wash will inevitably scratch and damage the coating on the body surface.

Second, applying a coating of different properties on top of an existing coating can change the drug and damage the body.“We do not guarantee that the car will be damaged due to changes in properties.”Basically.

Check the coating warranty for details

If you have a coating applied by a dealer or a coating specialty store,Coating warrantyIs issued in most cases. Look inside the car verification box or glove box.

NG matters can be confirmed by looking at the warranty card.In many cases“Do not use a car wash” “Do not apply wax”Etc. are described. If you do NG items, you will not be covered by the warranty, so be careful.

Cars with a coating should be washed diligently with water or hand-washed with a no-compound car shampoo.

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