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Report improvement measures for approximately 110,000 Honda Fit units

Honda 4th generation fit front

On July 21, 2022, Honda announced that it had notified the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism of improvement measures, saying that the startup processing program of Fit’s front wide view camera was inappropriate. It is based on information from the company, and it is reported that there are no current problems or accidents.

The target model is from January 21, 2020 (Reiwa 2) to February 8, 2021 (Reiwa 3)...The production period does not match the time of purchaseSo be sure to check it.

Honda tells us that if the model we own is applicable, we will promptly inspect and repair it. It is said that these measures will be taken from July 22, 2022 at any time.

You can check whether your own vehicle is a target vehicle by searching for a target vehicle for 4-wheel recall, improvement measures, and service campaign.

If your car is the target, you need to reserve the date and time of your visit to the nearest dealer and have it inspected and repaired. There is no charge for repairs and no costs.

Status of Honda Fit malfunction

Recall image image

In Fit’s safe driving support system (Honda SENSING), the front wide view camera activation processing program is inappropriate, so the camera may not start when the vehicle starts.

Therefore, even though the collision damage mitigation brake etc. is inactive, the indicator light turns on and the driver may not be able to recognize that it is inactive.

In response to this, Honda has reported that it will rewrite the startup processing program of the front wide view camera for all vehicles to a countermeasure program.

Where the problem occurred and how to improve it

Where the problem occurred Front wide view camera
How to improve Rewrite the startup processing program of the front wide view camera for all vehicles to the countermeasure program.

The problem areas and how to deal with them are shown in the figure below.

Target vehicle information

As explained at the beginning, the target vehicles are vehicles produced during the following period. If your car was produced during this period, please also refer to the model number and chassis number below.

start From January 21, 2020 (2nd year of Reiwa)
end February 8, 2021 (3rd year of Reiwa)

It is said that the range of chassis numbers that include the target vehicles includes vehicles that are not the target. Please contact the sales company from which you purchased the product for details.

The model, chassis number, production volume, etc. are as shown in the table below.

Model Vehicle type Chassis number including the target vehicle Number of target vehicles
6AA-GR3 fit GR3-1000032 ~
54,794 units
GR3-8000001 ~
95 units
6AA-GR4 GR4-1000020 ~
8,493 units
GR4-8000001 ~
23 units
6AA-GR6 GR6-1000012 ~
10,437 units
6AA-GR8 GR8-1000003 ~
1,965 units
6BA-GR1 GR1-1000015 ~
32,235 units
GR1-8000001 ~
76 units
6BA-GR2 GR2-1000015 ~
4,863 units
GR2-8000002 ~
14 units
6BA-GR5 GR5-1000007 ~
4,387 units
6BA-GR7 GR7-1000003 ~
511 units

How to check if it is a target model

If you already know the model and chassis number, you can check whether it is applicable from Honda’s official web page.

4 wheel recall / improvement measures / service campaign Target vehicle search (Honda official website)

If you are not sure, please check by the following method.

How to check the model and year

Light vehicle verification
Car verification (image is of a light car)

To verify the model and year of your car, you need to have a car verification ready.

Confirmation of the model is easy to understand because the item “model” of the vehicle verification is described as it is.

On the other hand, for the model year, the item “first registration (inspection) date” corresponds to it.

[I want to read it together]What is the model year of the car?From how to check, also about the relationship with taxes and car verification

How to check the chassis number

The chassis number (body number) is a unique identification number for the vehicle, which is stamped on the chassis of the car or motorbike.

There are two steps to check the chassis number of the target Honda Fit this time. I will explain each of them.

Confirm by car verification

Vehicle inspection certificate

If you have a vehicle verification handy, you can find the chassis number from there. It is described in the position of the image.

Check with the car body stamp

The chassis number is stamped on the car body in addition to the car verification.

The chassis number is explained in detail in this article.

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