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Google Maps will be updated with new features?


9to5google, a news media dedicated to Google, said that Google may add the ability to suggest different routes depending on the power train, such as electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and gasoline engine vehicles, to Google Maps.

He said he decompiled the latest version of the application uploaded by Google and found code that could implement this feature.

“Okay Google, tell me the normal way” “I’m sorry, it doesn’t seem to help.”

Proposing routes that match the characteristics of each powertrain

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Until now, Google Maps displayed the optimum route on the map based on distance, time, etc. regardless of the power train, but if a function based on this code is implemented, it will be efficient according to the characteristics of the power train. And it seems to propose a drive route for fuel and energy saving, which is said to be environmentally friendly.

It is expected that the navigation function will be optimized for each powertrain, such as routes avoiding highways for hybrids that are efficient at low speeds and highlighting charging stations for electric vehicles.

Even after this function is implemented, it is possible to use the powertrain without distinction, and it is said that it can be used as needed.

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Not sure if it will be implemented


It is currently unknown if this feature will be implemented.

However, in some electric vehicles, navigation that allows you to check nearby charging stations is adopted, so it is expected that navigation that matches the characteristics of the powertrain will sooner or later be realized.

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